Inspiration in Color on H=N

NFT Art Madness

Over the past couple of months, I have been learning all about the world of NFT making and collecting. The NFT “contracts” applied to my art give me a new perspective on making art and ownership over my art. When I first started creating digital art was in the late 1980s. Every piece I did was looked down upon as not being art, regardless of the effort and skill I applied as an artist to my work. My artist skills were honed from a strict school of realism at Paier School of Art and matured at Pratt Institute. I continue to experiment until 1993-94 when the web was just becoming easier to code. That’s when my career took off not as a digital illustrator as I had hoped, but as a creative director for website design. Then I went into management, held c-suite positions, entrepreneurship, and all the while putting aside my love of digital art-making.

It wasn’t until a year ago when I began hearing the rumbles of NFTs. This was a strange world of applying contracts to pixels. I wasn’t convinced that this world was where I should land as a digital art creator. Until I saw the work of artist, innovator, experimenter, creator, and educator just a couple of terms to describe Anne Morgan Spelter. Over several decades Anne created digital art in many different formats shapes and sizes. Her work captures the imagination, heart, and spirit. There is poetry, flow, and stories that traverse through her art. Anne has taken the NFT art world to a new level of fine digital collectible arts. Her educational talks about NFTs helped me get over my fear of creating digital art again. She encourages trial and use of Hic et Nunc as one of the places to mint NFTs. I set up my account, and have twenty-five pieces live on Hic et Nunc. Super excited that I was able to collect two of Anne’s digital pieces! She also inspired the use of, which has artificial intelligence built in. AI learns your desired art, shapes, forms and creates the art.

I completed my first series: Inspiration in Color. The Inspiration series is a one-of-a-kind artistic collaboration that intertwines my flower photographs and the artificial intelligence of to give life to these transfixing new creations. Each is an edition of 5/6, for 3 tezos each = approximately US$9.51 each [at the time of this post].


I’m also making NFTs for my surface design art and fashion line. Each of my surface designs on Society6, Contrado, and Le Galeriste has an NFT. Le Galeriste took my artwork and made an incredible fashion line based on Interpolation digital art. Interpolation is the intersection between something of a different nature to something else. My fashion line is also a collaboration with, combined with my floral photographs to create a kaleidoscopic kinetic experience.

I’m working on a new digital book about clouds using Playform.IO. I’m happy to be back in the digital art world with a whole new spirit filled with enthusiasm and joining the Metaverse. I’m really putting creativity to work!

My growing creations can be seen at