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Tery Spataro Portfolio

I’ve been unlocking the power of AI Creativity since 2020. My portfolio is filled with examples of storytelling, editorial, illustration, book covers, and surface designs. Have a project in mind? Fill out this easy form to describe your project.

Artist Statement

Navigating the dynamic nexus of human emotion and futuristic technology, Tery is an astute multidisciplinary artist pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Exhibiting her work globally, Tery’s repertoire spans from published science fiction stories to enchanting picture books, all reflecting her innovative and forward-thinking spirit.

Drawing inspiration from the realms of science fiction and fantasy, she fuses post-modern photography with evocative surrealism to captivate and energize her audience. Tery’s work embodies an ever-expanding blend of mediums, from printed and digital fine arts to NFTs, books, videos, music, fashion, and lifestyle products.

Tery brings intricate themes to life, such as strange dreams or voyages into the far future. Embracing the potential of AI as a catalyst for artistic innovation, she strikes a harmonious balance between human intuition and machine precision. Leveraging generative AI, GAN-trained tools, and cutting-edge digital technologies to amplify her visionary storytelling.

Tery’s trailblazing approach to artistry echoes the transformative power of embracing AI, offering a glimpse of the future as more than mere imagination.


Girl Underwater

Little Cyborg with Yellow Carnation by Tery

Little Cyborg with Yellow Carnation


Year of the Rabbit by Tery Spataro 2023

Year of the Rabbit


Flower Magic by tery

Flower Magic


1964 Ford Mustang Powdered Blue by Tery

Dream Car 1964 Ford Mustang

Vintage Remington Typewriter by Tery

Vintage Remington Typewriter


Fast Spinning World of Technology 1 MJ by Tery

Fast Spinning World of Technology

Solar Punk Landscape

Solar Punk Landscape

Science Fiction

Space person by Tery

In Space

Science Fiction Horror by Tery Spataro

Science Fiction Horror

Book covers

Tales from Space

Tales from Space

Surface Designs

Suga Skull Lookbook

Suga Skull Lookbook