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About Tery Spataro, Creator Using AI

Storyteller and Creator

Artist Statement

Navigating the dynamic nexus of human emotion and futuristic technology, Tery is an astute multidisciplinary artist pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Exhibiting her work globally, Tery’s repertoire spans from published science fiction stories to enchanting picture books, all reflecting her innovative and forward-thinking spirit.

Drawing inspiration from the realms of science fiction and fantasy, she fuses post-modern photography with evocative surrealism to captivate and energize her audience. Tery’s work embodies an ever-expanding blend of mediums, from printed and digital fine arts to NFTs, books, videos, music, fashion, and lifestyle products.

Tery brings intricate themes to life, such as strange dreams or voyages into the far future. Embracing the potential of AI as a catalyst for artistic innovation, she strikes a harmonious balance between human intuition and machine precision. Leveraging generative AI, GAN-trained tools, and cutting-edge digital technologies to amplify her visionary storytelling.

Tery’s trailblazing approach to artistry echoes the transformative power of embracing AI, offering a glimpse of the future as more than mere imagination.

Early Adopter of AI Creative Tools

Flower Magic by teryMy personal journey began with exploring tools and inspiration. I have been working with creative AI services since late 2020 and have produced significant work using these tools. In 2021, I launched Tery Designs and Creations, a clothing, accessory, and product line featuring artwork and patterns created with AI. My first AI-created artwork and video, the Flower Opera MP4, was trained using Playform AI and minted on the Tezos blockchain in July 2021. Another project, Flower Magic (GAN), was accepted to Artmine (Polygon) in 2022. In addition, my AI-infused art was featured in several exhibitions, including the Public g3 Artist Collective (LA), Omen Collective, HalloweenHaunt 2022 challenge, WOMENSverse, and Teia NFT.NYC.


Beyond Darkness Astronaut Torn Apart by TeryI have also published several books featuring AI illustrations and enhanced with GPT3, including Beyond Darkness: When I Died in Space, Tales from Space, Sometimes Sh*t Happens, and Sky Dreams. In 2023, Tales from Space, Sometimes Sh*t Happens – 17 (NFT) was showcased in the Omen Collective ArtShare Event.





Tery Spataro mixed media on paper John Massimino collab 1981Past Works

My background in art dates back to the 1980s when I began creating mixed media pieces using found objects, acrylic paint, cardboard, and other materials. In the mid-1980s, I started incorporating digital art into my work, and in 1990 I produced my first digital art series, the “Creation of Angels,” which was dedicated to the memory of my brother Tony and featured in a show in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1992. One piece from the series was published in 1994 in Becoming a Computer Artist. In 1995, I created a one-woman online opera called dChurch, which gained millions of monthly visitors, and was featured in a group show at Pratt Institute in NYC in 1998.

During the 1990s and 2000s, I worked as an executive creative director and strategist for several advertising agencies, developing innovative strategies for well-known brands. I also co-founded the Confluence Project, which focused on the future of AI, digital, creativity, technology, and posthumanism. In addition, I collaborated on, You Have Been Inventoried, an installation for Emerge (2015) in Phoenix, AZ.

Since 2010, I have published several works, including The Other Side of the Box and Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future, which was named a Cathy Hackl/Forbes pick for the Metaverse Summer Reads of 2022.

Teaching and Education

I taught at SVA and Pratt Institute in New York City. I earned my BFA from Albertus Magnus College with classical art and design training from Paier College of Art, an uncompleted MFA from Pratt NYC, and an MBA in Marketing from Regis University.

I continue to give educational workshops on using AI services, Web3, and spatial/metaverse through universities and organizations. In addition, I am co-producing the book “Creators Using AI” with Lucid Dreamer.

Use of AI

In 2022, Flower Magic AI Project was accepted to Artmine on the Polygon blockchain.

On the Tezos blockchain 2021-present

Aug 27, 2021, Launch clothing and accessories line designed which use my AI patterns.


First Mint: 6/16/21, As of 1/9/2023 Tokens minted: 112 – Editions: 466


Artmine for Flower Magic, Collector Curated

Galleries and Exhibits

Night of the Arts Auction, theLink Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Florida, May 2023

  • Studies in Color series: Red Study 1×1, Pink Study 1×1, Yellow Study 1×1 Sold out Auctioned
  • Steampunk Totem series: Frog Totem 1×1, Butterfly Totem 1×1, Hummingbird Totem 1×1 Sold out Auctioned

Night of the Arts Exhibition theLink Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Florida, Immersive Space May 2023

  • Solo

Jen Palmer Arts / Representations Collaborative, May 2023

  • Quantum Experience – submission
  • Exhibit

W3BTHR33 Ant Life Gallery Denver, March 2023

Public g3 Artist Collective

  • Mirror World Reflection City

Omen Collective


Teia NFT.NYC exhibit 2022, Celebrating International Women’s Day,


  • Mirror World Reflection City
  • Mirror World Reflecting Underworld

Tery Design and Creations Spatial Gallery

Tezos Art

AI Art Giving Back

Studies in Color, three unique 1 of 1 print AI artworks, raised money for Fostering Connections

Steampunk Totems, three unique 1 of 1 print AI artworks, raised money for Fostering Connections

Save the Majestic Amur Leopard – raised money for the World Wild Life Fund

Pedals of Frailty –This token is raising funds for people affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria through TezQuakeAid.

Courage Peace Love Ukraine Glitch4Ukraine raising funds NGOs helping Ukraine.

Published Works

Books using AI Infused illustrations:

2022 Beyond Darkness: When I Died In Space. Tery Spataro, Truth&Strength Publishing.

2022 Tales from Space, Sometimes Sh*t Happens. Tery Spataro, Truth&Strength Publishing.

2022 Sky Dreams. Tery Spataro, Truth&Strength Publishing.

Traditional Books

2021 The Other Side of the Box. Tery Spataro, Truth&Strength Publishing. E-Book

2021 Flower Opera. Tery Spataro, Truth&Strength Publishing.

2021 In Search of Elk. Tery Spataro, Truth&Strength Publishing.

2020 Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future. Tery Spataro, Truth&Strength Publishing.

2016, These Winter Months. Anthology, The Backpack Press.

Comprehensive list of authored pieces and books.

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