Roadmap for Creators Using AI book

Lucid Dreamer and I are writing a book to document our history as Creators Using AI. This book will probably be the first of its kind with the hope of having several annual editions.

About this book:

“Creators Using AI”, the title may change, offers a first-hand and unique experience of applying artificial intelligence (AI) in the process of art creation. As artificial intelligence has grown, creators are beginning to use technology to make new art. This book provides information about AI services and tools in creating artworks, and art form styles, and gives a real perspective of creators like yourself and your use of AI.


  • November – January 15 collect stories and artworks from creators
  • November 29 – February 15 design book
  • March 1 – 15 publish the book – the publishing date is changed to June 15, 2023.


The first part of the book is dedicated to essays, beginning with Humans in the Loop, Imagination in the Age of AI, and Has Artificial Intelligence Become Sentient? History of Creative AI and Applications. The last half gives creators an opportunity to talk about themselves, their art, purpose, and tools.

The first part of the book is dedicated to essays and the second part of the book is all about the creators. Each creator will get 2-3 pages. Each creator will be given an author credit.

  1. Humans in the Loop
  2. Imagination in the Age of AI
  3. History of Creative AI
  4. Creators Using AI
    1. Applications
    2. Dancing with AI
    3. Creators
  5. Index
  6. About the Authors
  7. Credits

Creators Using AI includes a diverse list of creators using AI services and tools to make art. We wanted to make it easy for creators to have a voice in this extraordinary book. Please follow the form to tell your story and your journey. If you would like to have your art included, use the form and provide the title, description, how it was made (excluding secret sauce), the purpose of the art (fine art, illustration, book, fashion, product designs, etc.) and the marketplace, gallery and/museum, where your art is available. Please ensure your submission is free of any grammar or misspellings errors. A high-resolution image (300 dpi) will be needed for the best possible printing. Please email images to tery dot spataro at gmail dot com or let @Tery know how to get your images.

Publication release versions

  • Paperback, PDF NFT – limited edition to creator and contributors of the book
    • 2nd quarter release of a hardcover version
  • Book will have an ISBN. Submit for PCN with the Library of Congress

Sample book pages
FPO means “for position only”.

Book Cover Sample

Full page spread table of content sample

Full page spread Sample of Introduction

Sample full page spread for the Creators Using AI section

Artist pages full page sample

Sample full page of artist 2 page

Please submit this form by January 15, 2023. The goal is to publish by the first quarter of 2023.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Thank you! We are going to make this an incredible publication for the Creators using the AI community.