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Transformational Tery Spataro“Solving problems with a diverse ecosystem to reimagine the business and brand for the future.”

First Digital Creative Director

Tery Spataro loves to solve consumer/customer problems. She is hired by brands wanting answers to who, what, why, when, where, and how. She’s a mixed-method researcher that helps brands uncover and discover truths about their consumers and customers.

She is inspirational, visionary, creative, thought-provoking, entrepreneurial, and collaborative. The wearer of many hats, she is a data investigator, anthropologist, futurist, psychologist, humanist, collaborator, co-creator, model maker, environmentalist, and science fiction imaginings.


Tery is passionate about everything she does. Enthusiastically created a framework and lens for uncovering ideas helping many businesses understand the people engaged with their brands and products. She continues to uncover the truth and provide opportunities and strategies that deliver value. Great ideas are not a process of being alone in a cave, Tery loves collaborating with diverse groups of people, solving problems to imagine new opportunities or transform existing brands, and helping a business make a shift in their mindset.

“The brand is the outcome of solving problems to create a better experience for people and society!”

She holds a high ethical and social commitment to what she does. Wields over two decades ins human-centric research, creating new brand concepts and/or breathing life into existing brands.


Working collaboratively, she was involved in creating a shift in retail by bringing digital to the physical space. Tery helped to transform the in-store experience by creating experiential strategies for Bloomingdale’s, Sally Hansen, Nine West, and Whole Foods Market. Other brands she worked with include Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, Volvo Car NA, L’Oreal Cosmetics, Clairol, Reebok, Hormel Foods, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Allstate, Celestial Seasonings, Warner Brothers, Jose Cuervo, Nestle Waters, and Char-Broil. She has held executive roles with Creative Realities, Burson-Marsteller, R/GA, Ogilvy Worldwide, Blue Dingo, Wunderman, and Edelman.

A rarity in the early digital days, Tery was one of a handful of women agency owners, having founded New York City’s first digital marketing firm, STIR. No stranger to entrepreneurial life, Tery founded, self-funded, and operated five businesses: Stir Associates, a premier Silicon Alley interactive marketing firm; Accents by Allison, an eCommerce company based in Phoenix; and Mind Arrays, a global marketing consulting firm; On-The-Edge, e-voice greeting, and e-card service. Tery co-founded Orange Insights addressing the need for stronger consumer research and strategic planning.


After selling STIR, from 1998-2003, Tery collaborated with well-known advertising agencies and investors. She helped the Tempus Group buy and combine 5 US-based digital marketing agencies to form the Outrider Group. And helped secure funding for seven digital start-up businesses.

A recognized community leader, Tery has provided guidance and advice to new entrepreneurs, served on several advisory boards, and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and aspiring visionaries. Throughout the years, she lectured at universities and international conferences, providing valuable thought leadership and is quoted in books and articles about business and marketing.

Books and More

Tery authored and illustrated her first book, “The Other Side of the Box,” a thought-provoking perception book. Wrote her first speculative, weird science fiction book, Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future. In addition, she has several other books she wrote and illustrated using AI-infused art and AI creative writing tools.

Tery founded the Confluence Project to explore the intersection of humans, technologies, and the environment.

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My very personal life and humble beginnings. I am a multi-disciplined creator and strategist whose influences come from a family of mostly female entrepreneurs. I was the trailblazer in this new and exciting way of communicating, the internet, web design, and digital was my palette. I continue to love to push the boundaries of creativity through AI services and tools.