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Tery Spataro Consulting

Tery Spataro Consulting provides both human-centered research and strategy to help businesses and brands create, design, improve and innovate products and services that be useful to the consumer or customer.

As a leading researcher and strategy consultant, I work with businesses to get answers about brand and product problems from customers, consumers, employees, and stakeholders. I solve for product-market fit, jobs to be done, product experience, design, usability, new product development, and innovation. I design, conduct, analyze, author reports, create data visualizations, identify actionable outcomes, and conduct ideation sessions from the findings.

My approach to research is a mixed methodology, quantitative and qualitative. Research instruments include survey, laddering interviews, stakeholder interviews, ethnography, message, and content testing, usability and product testing, and experiential video-based focused groups.

My clients include enterprises, startups, and mid-size businesses. The businesses I work with are from a wide variety of industries including consumer products and packaged goods, Banks, Financial services, Fintechs, Government, Health and Medical, Medical devices, Non-profit, Personal Care and Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Retail, and Technology.

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DCX Digital Bank Report – created the research design plan, questions, implemented the research, surveyed 503 respondents represented of US population, analyzed findings, and designed report. Developed and executed the promotional plan.

Center for Future Consciousness – brand strategy. Producer of Science Fiction Webinar Series.

Dicapta Foundation – Product strategy/brand creative direction

Center for Compassionate Leadership – design research plan, created questions and coded the qualitative findings.

Center for Future Consciousness – produced and promote science fiction and futurology webinars.

Sleeping Giant – I design research plans, led, conducted, and analyzed 35 human-centered research projects, and provided the consumer experience and strategy plans. I founded and implemented the experiential focus group, observational and product engagement research, in which participants engage with the products to uncover challenges and opportunities, test and learn experiments, and validate the product design and direction for communications.

Nite Ize – cool consumer products, gadgets things that make your life easier.

COUplift (Colorado Uplift) non-profit designed a research plan, conducted and analyzed stakeholder and donor interviews (IDIs), and developed the communication strategy.

Cherwell – surveyed existing customers/clients to understand their needs, develop personas, for product and communication strategy.

CCG Catalyst – banking consultancy – brand redesign. Created the financial services lab, and conducted customer, stakeholder, and user experience research projects to gain insights into the use of banks, fintech, and financial services. Began working with CCG as a brand consultant and was brought on board to create research practice.

3 Rounds Stones – develop marketing and business plan.

Veebo – develop the marketing plan for app loyalty firm– co-founded by Ed Loew, Tom Vitale, and Valerie Bertinelli.

Nutmeg Education –  develop marketing and business plan for the platform for educational planning and teachers’ network. Provide strategic advice.

Creative Realities – Experience agency that hired me to create the strategic plans, benchmark existing digital and tech experiences, conduct research including in-depth interviews (IDIs) and survey, define customer experience. Clients include Bloomingdales, Sally Hansen, Nine West, and Novartis.

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