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Navigating the dynamic nexus of human emotion and futuristic technology, Tery is an astute multidisciplinary artist pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Exhibiting her work globally, Tery’s repertoire spans from published science fiction stories to enchanting picture books, all reflecting her innovative and forward-thinking spirit.

Drawing inspiration from the realms of science fiction and fantasy, she fuses post-modern photography with evocative surrealism to captivate and energize her audience. Tery’s work embodies an ever-expanding blend of mediums, from printed and digital fine arts to NFTs, books, videos, music, fashion, and lifestyle products.

Tery brings intricate themes to life, such as strange dreams or voyages into the far future. Embracing the potential of AI as a catalyst for artistic innovation, she strikes a harmonious balance between human intuition and machine precision. Leveraging generative AI, GAN-trained tools, and cutting-edge digital technologies to amplify her visionary storytelling.

Tery’s trailblazing approach to artistry echoes the transformative power of embracing AI, offering a glimpse of the future as more than mere imagination.


August 2023

May 2023, Night of the Arts Auction, theLink Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Florida

  • Studies in Color series: Red Study 1×1, Pink Study 1×1, Yellow Study 1×1 Sold out Auctioned.
  • Steampunk Totem series: Frog Totem 1×1, Butterfly Totem 1×1, Hummingbird Totem 1×1 Sold out Auctioned.

May 2023, Night of the Arts Exhibition theLink Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Florida, Immersive Space.

  • Solo exhibit

May 2023, Jen Palmer Arts / Representations Collaborative.

  • Quantum Experience – submission, acceptance
  • Exhibit

March 2023, W3BTHR33 Ant Life Gallery Denver, Colorado.

2022, Public g3 Artist Collective

  • Mirror World Reflection City

2022, Omen Collective

2022, HalloweenHaunt2022 Collection

2022, Teia NFT.NYC exhibit, Celebrating International Women’s Day,

2022, Flower Magic AI Project was accepted to Artmine on the Polygon blockchain.

WOMENSverse Collection

  • 2022, Mirror World Reflection City
  • 2022, Mirror World Reflecting Underworld

Digital Galleries

Tery's Spatial Gallery

Commissioned Art

2023, Dancing on a Nebula, Printed with AR component.

2023, Modern Daisy, wall hanging for real estate office.

2023, Eocene Epoch, concept art for a prototype for a large corporation.

2020-2023, Evolution of Science Fiction series and webinar, art, and videos for social media posts and promotion.

2023, PSA COVID, illustrations for posters.


Books with AI illustrations.

2022, Beyond Darkness: When I Died In Space. Truth&Strength Publishing.

2022, Tales from Space, Sometimes Sh*t HappensTruth&Strength Publishing.

2022, Sky Dreams Truth&Strength Publishing.

Traditional Books

2021, The Other Side of the Box. Truth&Strength Publishing. E-Book

2021, Flower Opera. Truth&Strength Publishing.

2021, In Search of Elk. Truth&Strength Publishing.

2020, Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future. Truth&Strength Publishing.

2016, These Winter Months. Anthology, The Backpack Press.

Comprehensive list of authored pieces and books.

AI Art Giving Back

Streampunk Totems available on Objkt and Society6

These AI digital artworks were created to raise money for non-profits or causes.

  • Steampunk Totem NFT Collection OBJKT collaboration with Fostering Connections.
  • Steampunk Totem Collection Society6 collaboration with Fostering Connections.
  • Studies in Color, three unique 1 of 1 AI artworks, printed on cotton cold press paper, raised money for Fostering Connections.
  • Steampunk Totems, three unique 1 of 1 AI artworks, printed on cotton cold press paper, raised money for Fostering Connections.
  • Save the Majestic Amur Leopard – raised money for the World Wildlife Fund.
  • Pedals of Frailty –This token is raising funds for people affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria through TezQuakeAid.
  • Courage Peace Love Ukraine Glitch4Ukraine raising funds for NGOs helping Ukraine.

Fine Arts, Limited Edition Art, Fashions

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Tery Designs Limited Edition Art

Tery Fashion Designs

Work Experience

2020, Present, Creative Director/Brand Strategist, Generative AI, Tery Designs & Creations, Fine Arts, clothing, and accessories line designed using AI patterns. Science Fiction books and picture books, illustrations, videos & music, communications strategy, and content.

2021, Present Workshop Facilitator and Educator, The purpose of AI in creation.

2015, Collaborator, “You Have Been Inventoried” Installation for Emerge Phoenix AZ.

2015, Co-founder, Confluence Project.

1990s-2019s, Executive Creative Director and Strategist, well-known Advertising, Creative Agencies, and Management Consulting Firms.

1997, Teacher, SVA, New York City.

1996-1997, Pratt Institute, New York City.

1986-1988, Associate Art Dealer Ellen Sragow Gallery.


Digital Fine Arts Mixed Media Creative Strategy Curation
AI Infused Illustrations Abstract Surrealism Writing and Publishing Creative Direction
AI art model training Graphic Design Workshop Facilitation Communication Strategy


  • 2008 MBA in Marketing, Regis University
  • Uncompleted MFA, Pratt NYC
  • Fairfield University, Children’s Book Creation with Leonard E. Fisher
  • BFA, Albertus Magnus College
  • Classical Art and Design Training, Paier College of Art