Space Diner AI World Retrofuturism

Space Diner Lands on AI World

All aboard the time machine, folks! We’re zoomin’ back to a shimmering era where Retrofuturism isn’t just a fancy term tossed around by the likes of Bruce Sterling and those artsy folks in TV and films like Asteroid City, Legion, Cowboy Bebop, and Umbrella Academy. Nope, it’s the heartbeat of a bygone future, lovingly resuscitated by our heroes Sandytoes2211 and Seattle Driver, who are exceptional AI artists and leaders skyrocketing us into yesteryear’s tomorrow and today’s future!


Retrofuturism, as described by the brilliant Sandytoes2211, is that delicious cocktail of creativity shaken with visions of the future, as dreamt up in the kaleidoscopic eras of the ’50s to the ’80s. It’s got that neon glow of nostalgia, with a twist of the far forward tomorrow.

So, picture this: the Retrofuturism competition springs up, sparkling with AI-crafted masterpieces by none other than Sandytoes2211 and Seattle Driver, wizards of the digital craft and all the other amazing artists using AI. My mind went, “Whoa! This is gonna be a wild ride!”


But hey, I balked at first. My art? It was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole with this Retrofuturism gig. Then, like a blast from a ray gun, inspiration zapped me! I stumbled upon a ’50s diner in my research. Suddenly, it wasn’t just about art—it was time travel. I found myself pondering over Douglas Adams chilling at the counter, in the Restaurant at the the End of the Universe, munching on a cosmic sandwich.

That’s when the Space Diner zoomed into view—a story wrapped in a ’50s commercial, broadcasting straight from the fringes of the universe!

Space Diner with Space CatSpace Diner, your ultimate cosmic eatery at the universe's edge and the perfect refueling spot for all your galactic cravings—just a lightyear away!

Crafted in that classic 1950s Retrofuturism vibe, this piece became my ticket to the #thechronicles AI World on Foundation in the Retro Futurism collection. And boom! Nabbed by the ccc museum at the curtain rise!


The final masterpiece? A snazzy MP4, dimensions 9:16, runtime 45 seconds of pure, unadulterated time-tripping joy.

How did it come to be? Well, it took a little sprinkle of magic from Copy.AI which massaged my idea and script, a dash of creativity with MidJourney and PictGen for the artwork, a whirl through PictGen for motion, a reinvention using Photoshop for that extra sparkle, and the cherry on top. Voice over by Eleven Labs and a groove created with MusicFX. All these ingredients mixed and baked to perfection in Premiere’s oven.

From sketch to screen, each step was a step back in time—and forward into a future that we dreamed of yesterday. So, folks, fasten your seatbelts. It’s Retrofuturism, served with a side of Space Diner delights!


I am truly proud to be among the 100 talented artists using AI selected for Retrofuturism. Opened June 14, 2024 on Retrofuturism theme – “A retrofuturism-theme exhibition is crucial now as AI rapidly transforms art. It offers a unique lens to juxtapose past visions of the future with current AI advancements, capturing this pivotal moment where technology meets creativity, highlighting contemporary innovations. This snapshot underscores the evolving dialogue between human imagination and machine capabilities.” – SandyToes 2211

Definitely see and collect from this show!