2023 Year in Review

2023 the Year of Creativity Spacescapes Pink Clouds & Cats

An introspective sojourn through 2023’s artistic cosmos.

Despite 2023 posing unique challenges, I am thrilled to highlight the wonderful developments in my art journey. It marked a breakthrough in my exploration of Cosmic Science Fiction and Far Out Fantasy. Merging fantastical elements with tangible life breathed new vitality into my art, shaping a style that truly resonates with me, a fact I believe is reflected in my work. Let’s get one thing clear: the cats are here to stay.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Melisa Harder for her divergent mind. The many collectors who bought my art. More incredible pieces are coming! Special thank you to Joy Dargent Zucker for inspiring me to delve deeper into the realm of the extraordinary.

Art for Cause

Last spring was the setting for my first in-person show and auction devoted to a compassionate cause. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Aubrie Simpson-Gotham, breathing life into the Steampunk Totem collection for Fostering Connections.

I’m deeply indebted to the team at thelink and to Raghu and Gurpreet Misra for placing their faith in my work and offering me a platform to discuss AI art with our vibrant community.

Another way I gave back last year was by offering a summer course on creating AI art for seniors at the Council on Aging, Nocatee. Working with Pam Brunell, we crafted a comprehensive 5-week course. So much creative talent came to life over those five weeks.

Unexpected Delights

A delightful surprise was collaborating with the brilliant RetroManni. I had the extraordinary privilege of penning two chapters for the riveting cyberpunk story, Tezos Outpost 2049.

My work, The Roaring Pink Lady, found a spotlight at Global Brand Convergence. Also, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Jacqueline Strayer for offering me the opportunity to discuss picture book making with AI in a talk titled Synthetic Muses.

Tom Lombardo, Center of Future Consciousness commissioned several pieces that were show during his presentation to the World Futures Studies Federation in Paris.

For those who might be unaware, Lukie the Cosmic Cat is heading to NFT.NYC 2024! I’m planning my trip to NYC for April. Hoping to see dear friends while I’m there.

My gratitude extends to Blac and AI Artist’s Incubator for providing a space to connect and share ideas with skilled artists.

Quantum Consciousness

Always interested in space and consciousness, and it pleased me to have work accepted into KnownOrigin for the Quantum Consciousness collection and the successful sale of my first artwork in ETH.

Moreover, I’m thrilled join Saatchi Art. A dedicated Quantum Consciousness collection was created exclusively for print, showing my wide range of work.

Throughout 2023, Quantum Consciousness was showcased on platforms both local and international.

Girl Underwater

Among the collections I most enjoyed creating was Girl Underwater. This stunning series is a metaphor for challenges faced throughout the year. For me, Girl Underwater holds particular significance as it was born in the anxiety-filled hours of an emergency room, while waiting for news of my mother’s condition. Her road to recovery was long but she’s considerably better now.


It was a joy to collaborate with artists Anna Zubarev, State of Diva, and Lily White. These collabs have brought new dimension to my creativity. I am thrilled to my work represented on thehug – amazing place to show my art, technique, and updates and participate in calls for art.

Artistic Breakthrough

In the course of creating my new picture book, Strange Place, I experienced a breakthrough. The style intrinsically combines my past work in abstract expressionism with contemporary art motifs, and infuses them with elements of cosmic and quantum space. Should you notice an influx of pink clouds in my artwork, it’s a reflection of my belief in their magical quality and symbiotic relationship with the Pink Roaring Lady, the primary character of Strange Place.

What’s in store for 2024

As for 2024, the canvas is broad:

  • Publish the Strange Place picture book
  • Curate a selection of Strange Place prints and special 1 of 1 NFT editions
  • Continue exploring cosmic space, far-out fantasy, and feline themes
  • Release the short movie, Beyond Darkness

I am excited to share more of my art with you. Here’s to a fabulous and awe-inspiring 2024!

For more information please see my artist CV.