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Unlocking the Power of AI Creative Services

I’m open to working with creative brands who want to be involved in the revolution of the fine art of AI creativity.

Little Cyborg with Yellow Carnation by TeryThe Transformative Power of AI

As a seasoned creative strategist with extensive experience in planning, researching, creating, and curating content, I keep up with the latest innovations. I was introduced to the transformative power of AI creative services in 2020. As a result, I embarked on a journey to explore the capabilities of AI and how it can revolutionize my work process.

Precise Prompt-Engineering

AI creative services utilize artificial intelligence to generate or enhance creative work. For example, my precise, prompt engineering with MidJourney results in remarkable high-quality illustrations. And produced in a fraction of the time it would typically take. In addition, I use GPT-3 to aid in brainstorming, outlining content, and rough drafts. I’m experienced in training and used Playform’s CAN on my photography, digital art, and traditional illustrations, which astonishingly captured my unique style.

Content Projects

Recently, I tackled a challenging project that demanded a content strategy plan and written and visual content. The audience was subject matter experts in the tech industry. The traditional workflow would have taken me about two weeks to create one post. However, utilizing GPT-3 tools drastically reduced the time required to produce the content. The audience loved it.

Year of the Rabbit by Tery Spataro 2023In another project, a client needed visuals for an editorial story, and I used prompt engineering to produce three potential themes that would suit the story. The result was awe-inspiring, and the story was published the next day.

AI Revolutionized My Creativity

Working with AI creative services has revolutionized my creativity, productivity, and efficiency. AI is a tool that enhances our skills rather than replacing human talent with machines.

I rediscovered a new love for the art of picture book making. So, in 2022, I produced and published three AI-illustrated picture books designed to provide an unusual form of storytelling and visual expression: fewer words and more art.


Over the past year and into this year, brands have hosted me to give educational talks and demonstrations on using GAN and Can services, prompt engineering, and provide insight into where creativity and AI are going.

I use creative AI services to enhance brand ideation, creative direction, storyboarding, concepts, and storytelling to produce illustrations, videos, music, and 3d-concepts. My creative portfolio includes graphics, images, picture books, AI-animated videos with/without AI music, surface designs for products, fine arts, and NFTs.

I’m excited to share my experience with AI creative services, and if you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out and use this form. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences too!

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