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Tery Spataro Artist Bio

I am a storyteller and creator who often explores the intersection of humanness and technology, and I am always seeking to push the boundaries of creativity. Science fiction and fantasy are particularly inspiring to me. My goal is to create art that entertains, inspires, and energizes.

I use various digital tools and AI services, including Playform AI, MidJourney, Google Colabs/notebooks, and Adobe Creative tools, to produce unique and engaging creations, fine arts, digital art (NFTs), books, videos, music, fashions, and products.

I’m at the forefront of imagining the evolution of technology, the human condition, and nature. I am a creator, author, futurist, philosopher, and entrepreneur pursuing creativity.

AI services are my creative tools of choice to make themes for the confluence of nature, humans, and technology. Besides creating thought-provoking pieces, I infuse bits of humor to make a memorable point.

My contrivances are an intermingling of Adobe Creative tools, Playform AI,  MidJourney, Google Colabs/notebooks, Stable Diffusion, or Tiltbrush VR. My creative outputs are surface designs for physical objects, abstract animated digital works, picture books, solar punk stories, and digital operas. 

I began my digital art career in 1986 and got online in 1989. During this time, I combined my physical art with digital art. My first digital creative piece was the “Creation of Angels,” an eight-piece series dedicated to the memory of my brother Tony who died of HIV in 1990. Creation of Angels was featured in the up-and-coming artists show held in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1992. “She Heard the Words of Angels,” a piece from the Creation of Angels, was published in 1994 in “Becoming a Computer Artist” by Chad Little, SAMS publishing. In 1997, I turned the Creation of Angels eight-piece series into a web poem for the “Day Without Art.”

My second digital creation was a one-woman opera called dChurch. I created the blog, wrote the journals, designed the animated pieces, and included video and audio for dChurch in 1996. By mid-1998, dChurch was viewed by millions monthly. dChurch was celebrated in a group show at Pratt Institute in 1998. However, the virtual persona, known as dChurch, created controversy and overexposed too much. In 1999, I was politely advised to retire from the much-beloved commedia dell’arte. I still own the URL dchurch.com. I am creating a piece to memorialize dChurch. 

I began my passion for creativity as a traditional artist from 1982-1986. I explored the fragmentation of humanity. I had fourteen showings across the US. My art was mixed media large-scale formats and 3D models using found objects, acrylic paint, cardboard, and whatever I found on the streets of Manhattan. 

From 2010 to the present, I found a love for creative book-making. The first piece I wrote and illustrated was The Other Side of the Box, published in 2010. The Other Side of the Box honors the philosophy of Erwin Schrodinger, father of quantum mechanics. Most recently, I turned my illustrations into an animated series of 16 pieces with the intent of auctioning as NFT art. 

In 2020, I authored and published my first solar punk novel, Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future. The chapter headings feature my exotic black and white photographs. The bold book cover with the cat is a collaboration with Bud Lavery. In Laundrygate, I coined the term Human Evolution Afterlife Virtual Eternity, HEA.VEN, to explain posthumanism. Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future was nominated for a Florida Book Award.

In Search of Elk, I authored, photographed, and published in 2021. In Search of Elk is a celebration of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is an inspiration where I spent plenty of time hiking. I documented my hikes through the Grand Canyon using Google Maps, which I reinvented into this visual story. 

I authored, illustrated and published, Flower Opera in 2021. Flower Opera is a journey that inspires the senses, opens minds, and heals hearts. Imagine a flower that sings an aria or buds that resemble the splendor of a famous libretto. I created a 90-second MP4 to accompany Flower Opera, which is ready for public showing.

I founded DailyEats, one of the first food blogs in 2003, to celebrate and unite food lovers. Daily Eats uncovers creativity in food and brings cultures together. 

I began creating surface designs using Playform.io for beautiful one-of-a-kind prints on clothing, home decor, tabletop, and lifestyle. The goal with Playform.io AI collaborations is to develop unique printed objects, produce them through Contrado/stores/tery and present the high-resolution limited edition art with a certificate of authenticity.

My pursuit of NFT art is to create art that is appreciated, enjoyed, and collected.

I taught at SVA and Pratt Institute in New York City. I am a classically trained artist with a BFA from Albertus Magnus College, traditional training from Paier College of Art, an uncompleted MFA from Pratt NYC, and an MBA in Marketing from Regis University.


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