@Tery Surface Designs

Putting Creativity to Work

I kept busy between projects throughout the tremulous and unsettling past year by helping entrepreneurs, non-profits, and colleagues with their projects.

Keeping busy took my mind off of COVID. I also used this time to explore, learn and relearn skills. Creativity is the area that I am very passionate about. I wrote and published three creative books. Many of you probably don’t know that my early career began as a creative; I was a graphic designer, then a creative director – one of the first creative directors in digital. When I founded my first company, I needed to focus on the business and marketing strategy and operations – I was good at it. I set aside my enjoyment of digital art-making to run the business.

During the pandemic, I had time to rekindle my passion for digital art. I found a new love for Adobe Photoshop. The first time I used Photoshop was in 1989, and I can happily attest the application has come a long way.

@Tery tagPhotoshop’s watercolor filter brightens my experience and enhances my photographs of nature. The filter produces splendid color, light, and texture. I created a series of watercolor themes around birds, butterflies, and flowers. That gave me an idea to turn my digital watercolors into surface designs for curtains, rugs, bedding, towels, and furniture. I found a resource to try out my designs, which enabled me to launch the @Tery shop on #Society6. I created three themes and eight beautiful surface designs. @Tery shop features 135 products.

@Tery Society6 butterfly and pink lantana on wood serving traySociety6 has nice quality products. I purchased the wood serving tray with the butterfly and pink lantana design on it. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the craftsmanship.

Many of the digital watercolors I create are from photographs taken from my garden. The front and back garden is home to monarch caterpillars and butterflies.

Please visit @Tery on Society6. I hope you enjoy my newest creative endeavor, @Tery.