Tony Collection New Surface Designs Celebrating the Ocean

Surface Designs Celebrate Dad & the Ocean

The Story

The beauty of the ocean mesmerized my dad. The rhythmic flow and the sounds of the crashing waves had a calming effect on him. He enjoyed swimming and fishing. I created this collection of surface designs to honor the memory of my dad, Tony Spataro, inspire peace and celebrate the ocean.

Tony Collection

This series is called the Tony Collection. I created three surface designs for the Tony Collection to commemorate my dad’s love of the ocean. First, I designed the Tony Collection using the digital photographs I took from my morning walks on Mickler Beach, the Atlantic Ocean. Then, I used Adobe Photoshop’s oil paint filter to create thick brushstrokes to create the feeling of oil on canvas.

  • Ocean Sunrise – bursts with rich gusty color. I photographed this scene during is a quiet early more walk on the beach when there is plenty of sea birds and wildlife going about morning business.
  • Seagull Over the Ocean – gushes with blues and grays. I caught this lovely seagull joyfully traversing the ocean as it looked for its mate.
  • The Atlantic Ocean – Cerulean blue sky brings out greens and pinks with rustic touches from the ocean to the sand. A truly stimulating image with a vantage point the takes the eye beyond the horizon. 

Each of the Tony Collection surface designs wraps many different types of wall art, coffee mug, travel mug, coasters, water bottle, acrylic box, laptop sleeve, beach towel, can coolers, wine chillers, and stationery cards.

Ocean Sunrise Tony Collection Mini-Art PrintsOcean Sunrise Tony Collection by Tery Spataro-5374893-mini-art-prints Seagull Over Ocean Tony Collection CardsSeagull Over Ocean Tony Collection Cards by Tery-Spataro Atlantic Ocean Tony Collection CoastersAtlantic Ocean Tony Collection Coasters by Tery-Spataro

I hope you’ll enjoy these new designs to memorialize my dad and all dads. In addition, I am donating 10% of the royalty from sales from the Tony Collection to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

My new series of surface designs is avaiable on Society 6.  Click on this link: @Tery Shop on Society6.


@Tery highlights nature’s beauty through photography and digital watercolors in the themes of birds, butterflies, and flowers. Since opening, April 26, 2021, the Tery Shop on Society6 has 23 surface designs wrapping 402 products. I really put my creativity to work, and I know you’ll enjoy my creations.