In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat

The Other Side of the Box

Schrodinger’s Cat in the Box comes to life

I chose to write and illustrate about the thought experiment popularly known as Schrodinger’s  Cat. I’ve been interested in quantum physics since I was introduced in 1994. It wasn’t until a few years ago I started to realize why it is important to apply the Schrodinger’s Cat to life. We cheat ourselves by only looking at the surface of a thought, idea, and/or a decision. Schrodinger’s famous thought experiment teaches us there are many ways to examine, discover, uncover our own thoughts – to explain why.

The Other Side of the Box illustrates the many ways of seeing. It’s about the perception what we see and attempts to apply what we see in a fun and thought provoking way — through the eyes of a cat, specifically Blake the cat.

On a personal note, I found the Schrodinger’s Cat a comfort in explaining difficult situations.

More about “The Other Side of the Box” can be found on Slideshare, YouTube and LuLu:


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