Confluence the Connected Human

First published on the Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technologies:

Continuing my exploration of humans at the confluence of technology and environment, in this segment, I explore the connected human.
Spataro, Tery, (March 14, 2014), “Confluence: The Connect Human” Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Spataro, Tery, (January 12, 2014), “The Thoroughly Connected Human” KITEBA

We can create almost anything! Our creations should have a positive impact on human life and the planet. Before going into the creative process we need to assess the pros/cons of the creation and use of new technologies for the preservation of human life and the environment.

It’s a lazy and lame excuse to use that we’ll be able to fix what we destroyed. When designing a product the consideration process must include the ethical implications on human life and the planet, not just the amount of money the product is going to bring a corporation.

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