Amazing Productive June 2023

Amazing Productive June

An Inspiring Month of June 2023: Embracing the Power of Generative AI

Published 7/6/2023, June 2023 has been an extraordinarily remarkable month filled with milestones, creativity, and groundbreaking contributions in the realm of Generative AI. From captivating panel discussions on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence to the launch of awe-inspiring artistic collaborations, this month has truly exemplified the immense possibilities within this innovative field. As AI continues to reshape our world, let us embrace its limitless potential, allowing it to lead us toward a future where imagination and technology coexist harmoniously, propelling us to new horizons of innovation and inspiration.

Blast off with SkyrocketAll Systems Go for Skyrocket

Skyrocket Systems is a management consulting firm specializing in generative AI and its effective application in brands and businesses. I am thrilled to introduce our forward-thinking approach to AI and the transformative impact it can have on your organization.

At Skyrocket Systems, our mission is to help businesses harness the potential of AI to optimize operations, drive innovation, and foster growth. With our expertise in AI strategy, implementation, and optimization, we can guide your organization toward a future where AI is seamlessly integrated into your business processes, enabling you to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Highlights from Hundo CareerCon: Exploring the Power of AI

Hundo CareerCon AIParticipating in the recent Hundo CareerCon event focused on Artificial Intelligence was an honor. The Hundo team is extraordinary! Thank you

Nadiyah Rajabally and I was given an incredible opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Albert Marealle on the practical applications of AI in both personal and professional spheres.

During the event, I also participated in a dynamic panel discussion titled “How is artificial intelligence reshaping learning and work?” alongside esteemed industry experts Xander Love and Kenneth Mayfield and was hosted by Daniel Potes. This panel explored the transformative impact of AI on education and employment, shedding light on emerging possibilities and future trends.

Hundo, a visionary educational platform committed to ending global youth unemployment through web3, organized this exceptional event. I applaud Hundo’s dedication to cutting-edge technologies and was thrilled to witness their recent recognition with the World Economic Forum Technology Award. Hundo’s founders, Esther O’Callaghan Obe, Piers Collins, and Scott Byrne-Fraser, have truly spearheaded an educational revolution.

The Recordings:

In the Spotlight

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Keeli Scarlet for theLink’s member spotlight. During our recent meeting, I had the opportunity to discuss with Keeli the ways in which I leverage AI to craft strategic communications plans and produce captivating generative images.

Steampunk Totem Collection: An Artistic Evolution

Streampunk Totems available on Objkt and Society6I am excited to announce the launch of the expanded Steampunk Totem collaboration with the non-profit Fostering Connections. This captivating collection is now available on OBJKT and Society6, with early sales already making an impact.

The Steampunk Totem collection, curated by AI artist Tery, expertly blends clockwork designs with rich symbolism, igniting resilience, transformation, joy, and agility. Each Steampunk Totem carries its own unique inspiration, inviting you to explore the depths of your imagination.

Introducing “Girl Underwater”: A Profound Narrative

Unveiling a captivating new science fiction story called “Girl Underwater.” This deeply personal narrative reflects my journey of creating a better life for my aging mother while balancing the challenges of being creative in the role of AI in uncertain times. Born from a period of significant trial and health challenges, “Girl Underwater” serves as a powerful outlet to express the depths of despair and helplessness experienced firsthand.

Unicorns in the Sky for Dad Happy Fathers Day by TeryCapturing Memories: A Father’s Day Tribute

In celebration of Father’s Day, I paid tribute to all the incredible fathers out there with a heartfelt creative piece. This evocative story takes us back to cherished childhood memories of intergalactic adventures shared with a superhero dad. Through the magic of late-night TV, we embarked on captivating journeys to mystical worlds, nurturing a lifelong passion for science fiction.

With a nod to my art school days, when canvas became a portal, I dedicate Unicorns In the Sky, an AI illustration, to my visionary dad. This artistic masterpiece, brought to life with the magic of AI, captures the essence of fantastical landscapes and majestic unicorns soaring through the sky. To all the amazing fathers who inspire and support, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day.

Chapter 3 Tezos Outpost 2049 by TeryTezos Outpost 2049: Chapter 3 Collaboration

With immense joy, I announce the release of Chapter 3: SIMULACRUM in collaboration with RetroManni and BasesMusic for the Tezos Outpost 2049 project. This latest installment has garnered tremendous recognition, reporting record-breaking sales.




The Other Side of the Box

Schrodinger’s Cat in the Box comes to life

Embracing New Perspectives: “The Other Side of the Box”

Over thirteen years ago, I embarked on an enchanting journey with the creation of the illustrated picture book, “The Other Side of the Box.” This captivating work invites readers to embrace alternative viewpoints and offers a fresh perspective on the world around us. The courage to perceive things differently serves as a catalyst for profound personal growth and transformation.



Coming Soon Quantum Expanse

Since becoming part of‘s artist incubator, I have witnessed tremendous growth in my creative process through the integration of AI. While the framework may differ slightly from my own, it has laid the groundwork for an exhilarating expansion of the Quantum Consciousness collection. This month marked my first critique with BLAC, and it was an incredibly nerve-wracking experience to present my art before the world’s finest AI creatives. However, the constructive feedback received from BLAC’s critique proved immensely valuable in identifying areas where I can enhance my work to make a truly impactful statement. As I believe in the power of art to captivate and initiate meaningful conversations, BLAC has provided me with invaluable guidance on my journey of artistic exploration and expression.

Looking Ahead: Navigating the Exciting Future of Generative AI

As I bid farewell to this incredible month of progress and achievement in the realm of Generative AI. I look forward to the path that lies ahead. The future of AI holds immense promise as it continues to evolve and revolutionize various industries and creative endeavors. With each passing day, I delve deeper into the possibilities of AI, exploring its potential to generate captivating artwork, drive groundbreaking innovation, and transcend the boundaries of human imagination. As I embark on this exciting journey, I embrace the responsible and ethical use of AI, ensuring that it remains a powerful tool that uplifts and empowers humanity. Together, let us navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Generative AI, daring to dream and unlocking new realms of creative brilliance that will shape the world for generations to come.