AI Generates Unique Flower Art For Collectors

It’s official: My art project Flower Magic is officially accepted as a project for the Art Mine Gallery!

Oh, I’m so excited. I’ve been using Playform since June 2021, and it’s been a real game-changer for my work. You see, when I first started using Playform, I uploaded 30 floral photographs from Flower Opera, the book I wrote and designed. (FlowerOpera playlist) Playform’s AI did the rest: It used my photos to create hundreds of abstract flower images. Then, I use the Playform images as backgrounds for all kinds of things—from clothing to accessories to tabletop items to office furniture to puzzles and digital fine arts with NFTs.

And now there are even more ways in which people can enjoy Flower Magic—because it’s going to be a unique Art Mine project to ever exist! With ArtMine, you can use pictures that you own as a jumping-off point to create your very own totally unique piece of art. Then, that piece will be minted into an NFT that is 100% yours—and you’ll have the chance to sell them if you want. Pretty awesome, right?

I'm very excited to be included in the Art Mine artist showcase. Learn more about artists & creations on Playform Radio with CEO Jennifer Chang. Join us Thursday, February 10th, 4 pm EST.

About my project

Flower Magic brings together intimate scenes from nature, enchanting both the mind and soul – flowers are magical. Many different species of flowers, brilliance in color, and elegant shape were photographed over a decade by Tery Spataro (@tery). Playform-Freeform: creates stunning melting image effects that are both mesmerizing and captivating. Each image pulsates in many colors with cosmic kinetic energy! Collectors are invited to mine their favorite results to be minted as NFTs.

Using ArtMine to mint NFT blockchain-based art

Art Mine takes Flower Magic images to generate AI-created art. So, as a result, the Collector can generate the art they like and then mint a one-of-a-kind piece. Try it out!

So get ready to enjoy my art in even more ways than ever before!

Flowers for All Seasons

My art is a happy marriage of my creative background, love of nature, and creative AI helpers – organic with a surreal edge. My creations are rich in color and texture. This creates a unique visual appeal.