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Strategy for Human Design. entrepreneur, futurist, digital strategist, behaviorist, author, researcher, investor, adviser, mentor, and professor

Who am I? I started my early career as a digital/tech entrepreneur. I’ve been a digital and tech pioneer since 1986, I started one of New York City’s first digital marketing firms and [co] & founded 7 other companies.

My consulting firm, combines tech marketing, research, marketing communication, and product design, to explore human-centered needs, improve the human condition and make the world a better place. I have a design thinking philosophy that brings together a co-creating environment to solve problems.

I’m known for being passionate, visionary, creative, thought-provoking, entrepreneurial, and collaborative

Known for creating a framework for digital marketing strategy and using digital research, which helped many brands understand the role digital plays in their marketing and communications efforts. She continues to develop successful engaging promotional strategies and delivering value to customers, organizations, and stakeholders.

I was raised with a strong ethical conviction and social commitment to my clients and their customers. I have wields over two decades of experience in digital and traditional marketing communications, human-centered research, product, and brand design.
Recognizing the need for digital to be in physical space, I helped to transform in-store the in-store experience by providing experiential strategies for Bloomingdale’s, Sally Hansen, Nine West, Novartis, Whole Foods Market.

I provided digital strategies for Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, Volvo Car NA, L’Oreal Cosmetics, Clairol, Reebok, Hormel Foods, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Allstate, Celestial Seasonings, Warner Brothers, Jose Cuervo, Nestle Waters, and Char-Broil. I held executive roles with Burson Marsteller, R/GA, Ogilvy Worldwide, Blue Dingo, Wunderman, and Edelman.

No stranger to entrepreneurial life, founded, self-funded, and operated 5 businesses: Stir Associates, a premier Silicon Alley interactive marketing firm; Accents By Allison, an eCommerce business based in Phoenix; and Mind Arrays, a global marketing consulting firm; On-The-Edge, e-voice greeting, an ecard service. I co-founded Orange Insights with Amy Liebermann to address the need for deeper research and strategic planning.

From 1998-2003, I worked with well-known advertising agency investors. I helped the Tempus Group buy and combine 5 US-based digital agencies to form the Outrider Group. I secured funding for 7 start-up businesses I provided advisory and consulting services.

A recognized community leader, I gave guidance and advice to new entrepreneurs and served on several advisory boards. Throughout the years I lectured at universities and international conferences providing valuable thought leadership. I am quoted in books and articles about business and marketing.

As an affiliate professor at Regis University, I designed the digital curriculum for the MBA program, Digital Strategy, and Promotion. I authored and illustrated my first book, “The Other Side of the Box“, a thought-provoking perception book.

Along with Aliza Sherman, we co-founded The Women’s Internet History Project, a historical platform, which will portray the stories and accomplishments of women internet pioneers, serve as inspiration and education.

My talent, services, and offerings continue to transform and adapt as technology changes.

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Northeastern University and Blackbone Media, included Daily Eats in the 2006 study on “Successful Blogs”.

Served as keynote speaker, judge, panelist and/or moderator, chair for Chicago Social Media Breakfast; Direct Marketing Association; International EMMA and Hamburg New Media @ Work; Albertus Magnus College, Executive MBA Program; NYU Stern Executive MBA Program; New York City Law Association; Internet World; Andersen Consulting; International Radio & Television Society, IBM, CMG WebGrrls; Phoenix-NAWBO.

Personal Life

I was raised in the small town of Wolcott, CT, originally born in Waterbury, CT. I lived in many places including across the U.S. and a couple in Europe and UK.

I am the firstborn of 4. I officially changed my name from Theresa Ann to Tery in my teens because it was more streamlined, non-gender specific, and easier to spell.

As a child, strategic games were played at home. My father taught me how to play chess, and my maternal grandfather taught me to play poker.

I enjoyed art, archery, target practice, fencing, and dance. My favorite subjects were science and art.

My father was a police officer with Wolcott Police Department, and my mother was manager of Citytrust bank [now Chase bank] in Waterbury.

At the age of 9, I started a local paper for my street. I organized the kids on the street to help produce the handwritten and drawn paper. The street paper sold for $0.25 a paper.

In addition, to finding a kid’s media company, my neighborhood friends and I would write and produce elaborate plays for the neighbors.

Academic test scores would not deter me from pursuing my goal of becoming a graphic designer and illustrator, though I could have pursued other options.

The first interaction with digital for fun was with the Atari 2600 in 1978 days, weeks, months of playing backgammon, Pac-Man, and Mario Brothers.

My first personal encounter with a computer was a Commodore 64 in 1982. My brother was learning to program and wrote a program for an animated graphic to tease my sister, Joanne. I felt a twinge to learn this new world.

In undergrad in 1984, I tried word processing and quickly got bored. By the time I went to grad school in 1986, ready to pursue an MFA I was ready to learn the computer. It was Caroline Kavanagh, who taught me a few things on Mac in exchange I taught her how to spec type. The Mac was love at first byte. I spent time learning as many graphic design programs as possible. Trying programs like Adobe Photoshop before release. The computer was liberating! Caroline Kavanagh became a successful brilliant graphic designer. I hired her for web design projects.

I deeply admire my family’s entrepreneurial roots. My grandfather, Al Ricciardi’s family farmed and owned Aunt Jenny’s Pizza parlor. My grandmother, Grace Ricciardi earned more money than my grandfather -Grace worked for Uniroyal. Elaine Ricciardi founded Pathfinder, a group home dedicated to adults with special needs. My aunt also owned a music store. My cousin, Carla Schneider created, and design a profitable baby brand, the WubbaNub baby pacifier. Ed Spataro creates handmade kitchenware. Joanne Spataro Fried along with her husband, Scott founded a local power-washing business.

In 1990, my family and I experienced the horrible loss of my brother, Tony [funeral director], who was the first documented case of HIV contraction from embalming. This tragic loss profoundly caused me to rethink life, legacy, digital, information, knowledge, and the future – living to improve society, and the environment with the use of technology.

I draw from my vast education, experiences, and challenges. I provide awareness of the implications that digital/technology will have on the future, humans, and the environment. To stress that we take a mindful, human, and environmental-centric approach to create technology. I know we will merge with machines but will we build into our programs the sensitivity toward the environment?

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