What's Up with Tery Designs & Creations

What’s Up With Tery Designs?

Seasonal Inspiration

Oct, 2021

Tery Designs Fall Winter Palette 2021-2022This time of the year is incredible and inspirational. Start of nature’s change to the environment. Landscape sheds green and transforming into yellow ochre, raw sienna, burnt sienna, transparent Earth yellow, Asphaltum, tan, brown pink, Venetian red, olive green, raw and burnt umber, copper, and pale gold. (Gamblin Artist Colors). Oh, this season brings back memories of watercolor painting in Litchfield, Connecticut. Cold early morning, the sky barely awake, light streaming on the pond, steam slowly rises off the freezing water. After drinking five cups of coffee, my hands would be ready to work the brushes and paints.


My New Technique

Flower Opera BookThat was a fantastic nostalgic trip that happened many years ago. For me, it was almost another lifetime ago, in using the creative tools of the time. The innovative tech tools I use today contort, blend, morph, and digitize. A significant difference in creating the watercolors was that it took hours or days for the paint to dry. In contrast, my new technique comes together from concept to completion in moments.

The AI tool I use is Playform.io. I start with the idea that I want to bring to life. I select from thousands of my photographs. Identify the images that best communicate my vision. The Flower Opera movie is an excellent example of combining my flower images with Playform’s AI. I chose the photos from my Flower Opera Book published this year. I created the video from Playform’s renditions of my flowers. Starting the movie took me longer to produce. The tools for making videos are more complicated.

leGaleriste Tery Spataro fall winter with fashionsle Galeriste

I submitted three new art designs to le Galeriste. Unfortunately, only one of my designs was acceptable for the beautiful le Galeriste fashions. Back to the virtual drawing board. My artwork must flow with the design, texture, fabric, and styles le Galeriste produces. I am learning to become a better 3D designer of these clothing forms.

I reworked the artwork to fit with the beauty, texture, flow of the material. The replacement designs were uploaded and formed nicely to the new fashions! I am happy with the results and super excited to share the Fall and Winter collection for le Galeriste. What do you think?

Sacred Forms

The visual inspiration of my new designs comes from nature, including florals and clouds, sacred geometry, and the fall and winter 2021 palette. Working with sacred geometry is fantastic because the shapes adjust to the organic forms of nature to create sacred forms. Creating a brand is essential to me, and the surface designs I used on the le Galeriste line are similar to the Contrado line.

The Metaverse

From time to time, the term Metaverse has come up. Soon Metaverse will be part infused into our everyday language.  The Metaverse is a term that Cathy Hackl is envisioning for the future. Cathy sees the Metaverse as a world that we create for ourselves. A world that transitions us from physical reality to digital. I’m very excited about the incredible expressions coming from the Metaverse, which is another source of stretching my imagination. In VR, I use Tiltbrush to work out 3D designs. My creative work aims to collaborate with Metaverse designers, architects, and creators to make art forms.

To learn more about the Metaverse, subscribe to Cathy Hackl’s podcast, Future of the Metaverse.

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