What’s Up with Tery Designs

Meaningful and Fulfilling Projects

I’ve been super busy! I thought I would get some time off this summer, but that didn’t happen. So now, it’s the end of October, and I’ve done so much!

I worked on several problems that needed solutions, kept an ear to trends, and got involved with meaningful projects. Positive things happen when you stay focused, and my AI creative skills blossomed.

Books and Stories

First, let me mention the books and stories I’ve written and the art I created for those books. I have always enjoyed making picture books. Over the past couple of months, I completed three new picture books. But the fascinating part of the publishing process was learning to produce NFT books. Each one of these recent publications has an NFT version.

Mirror Worlds

The Mirror Worlds’ premise discusses the battle between energy sustainability and the destruction that earth-infused energy has caused, including poverty, wars, and ecological damage. Science Fiction space opera is about two worlds that reflect each other. One of the worlds uses energy from the sun while the world harvest energy from a black hole. The art for the Mirror Worlds stories is stunning. Visit the Public G3 artist collective to see how beautiful the Mirror World Reflection City looks.

Beyond Darkness

Beyond DarknessBeyond Darkness is an AI-generated science fiction horror story: My ship got closer and closer to the black hole, and I began to feel strange. It was as if some otherworldly force were pulling my body away from the ship and into the depths of space.

Beyond Darkness was created out of a challenge to create spooky art. I conjured two extraordinary pieces for the Halloween Haunt Gallery, a collaboration by Illustrata, EbyssLabs, and DITAI:

Beyond Darkness – Trapped in a Black Hole

Beyond Darkness – Trapped in a Black Hole, the Horror Begins

Saturday, October 29, was the gallery opening, and the AI Chill space sponsored the art walk

Tales From Space Sometimes Sh*t Happens

Tales from Space, Sometimes Sh*t Happens, is filled with funny, bizarre, and often disturbingly dry humor paired with funny images. The 29 stories in the book are short and sweet—and often quite strange. You’ll find yourself laughing as you Tales from Spaceread about a spaceman who is missing his spacesuit, a robot that went on vacation, missiles missing targets, and much more. AI-generated illustrations are colorful and hyper-realistic, and the underlying text is a bit dry. The collaboration between me and AI is an excellent example of what can be achieved when you combine the best of both worlds. The illustrations were created using Playform.io. Best viewed in full screen to enjoy the page-turning effect. Copy generated by GPT-3 copy.ai.

This unique NFT book has a bonus section. NFT collecting is not your thing, and the ebook is available on Amazon, with a paperback coming soon.

Devi 3241 is a short story I created as an entry into the Omen Futures Collective. The story is about Devi 3241:

The sky was steel blue, and the sun was hot pink. The city of Devi glimmered in the distance, the shimmering dome protecting it from the sun’s heat. The sky was a beautiful shade of azure blue—just like the ocean that once surrounded this city.

The image at the top of this post shows Devi 3241 in the gallery.

Making the Rounds

I had many speaking engagements over the past couple of months. Some were IRL (in real life), online through Zoom, and one, in particular, was in a metaverse.


University of North Florida’s OLLI continuing education program asked me to give a lecture on Web3, Metaverse, and AI titled Digital Art and the Platforms of the Future (October 6, 2022). I created a fun, informative talk to help learners get up to speed on the new and exciting changes in digital. The last part of the lesson was a collaboration in making AI art. I’m recording the session to share the lecture.

My Community

AI art is near and dear to my heart. I gave back to my local community by teaching families and kids how to make AI art at the link. Jax Tech Meetup hosted me to show members how to make AI art.

Scott Bryne Fraser Web3 Waffles Tery Spataro for Hundo Waffles with Scott & Hundo

On October 5, 2022, I was a guest on Web3 Waffles with Scott Byrne-Fraser, and we had a delightful discussion about How AI is revolutionizing The World? Check out my Ready Player Me outfit!

No Need for a Headset

One of the most exciting speaking engagements was at the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference (October 25, 2022). As the name implies, this conference took place in the metaverse. I enjoyed participating in a panel discussion about Content Creation & NFTs for the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference, moderated by Monica TalanAsher Weiss and Colin Hornett shed light on transition strategies from Web2 to Web3, while I highlighted the use of AI creative services.

I put in nice mentions of Tezos & TezTown.

I was cohost to several TezTown and other spaces. So join me for AI Art Critique starting Monday, November 7, on the TezTown Discord server. I have criteria for helping artists improve their AI digital art creation experience.

New NFT creations

OutofthisWorld finale art by TeryIn the universe of NFTs, things did get Out of this World for the TezTown science fiction challenge. So I created a special NFT gift for the judges: Tom Lombardo, Mark Jeffrey, and Louis Katz, called Parking the Ship (August 22, 2022).

If you are interested in science fiction, I continue to produce the Evolution of Science Fiction for Tom Lombardo.

Majestic Amur Leopard honorable mention by DNS TezWild’s creative challenge brought excitement to Tezos artists. I was overwhelmed by the heartfelt and heartbreaking depictions of endangered animals. In addition, our community did an incredible job of bringing awareness of human cruelty to innocent animals. Unfortunately, I was excluded from the competition because I’m on the leadership team. Still, my piece, the Save the Majestic Amur Leopard, was given a nice honorable mention from DNS.xyz and a spot on their homepage carousel.

Explosion of Creativity

My world of creativity is exploding! I can’t believe it’s been almost two years of using creative AIs. I minted my first NFT on June 16, 2021. By the way, I also have an extensive collection of art that I purchase on the Tezos blockchain.

The collector who buys the Majestic Amur Leopard is making more than an investment in the art because 100 percent of the proceeds and future royalties will go to adopting the Amur Leopard. So please buy this beautiful NFT is 300 dpi.

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