What’s UP with CBS and Online Full Episodes?

CBS provides the best network online viewing experience EXCEPT they stopped providing full episodes. Why CBS stopped, the fans of Eleventh Hour and Mentalist will never know. Over the past couple of months fans have complained to CBS. But CBS has not responded to fans’ postings on the CBS community message board. Which make the situation even more disappointing! How could CBS ignore us? What are the advertisers thinking? They should support online full episodes!

Almost 4,000 views on just the subject of “Where did the full episodes go?” but not one response from CBS. 

Eleventh Hour is great and a lot of fans have opted to watch online. I did because of my busy travel schedule and the fact is I don’t own a TV.

Well, perhaps CBS will surprise anxious fans by striking up a deal with Hulu, which offers the best online viewing experience. Hopefully in the process CBS will not loose Eleventh Hour fans and the show will remain.

I have one question for CBS “What’s UP with online full episodes?”

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