The Persuaders

I love marketing. Enjoy getting into the mind set of the people I’m marketing too. Understanding who they are where they come from and selling the right product or service to enhance their lives.

Do I believe there’s clutter out their. Sure do! Do I believe we as markers need to be as creative as possible to create a bond? You bet! I saw the Frontline special lastnight “The Persuaders“. Totally enjoyed and this is my letter to Frontline:

Shall I say fascinating? We as marketers have been creating consumer communities for a long time. Ouch, did I just out myself? Though I question one that exists around a paper plate that you simply throw away. Does that a true culture make?

Yes, psychology has always been a science used to understand the true nature as well as getting to the subconscious of the consumer. I especially enjoyed the interview with, Clotaire Rapaille, very sexy; and a very creative way of getting to heart of our inner reptilian. Praise Jung! I have used him myself on many occasions. Kevin Roberts, totally loving the concept of loving the brand and those consumers, who love their brands whether is car, shoes, grill, mobile phone, or lip stick. Creating that emotional bond is truly important and so is the follow through when those products break and closing the loop on every touch point.

That insightful moment for me was the usage of market research and psychology as means to political persuasion and perception change. Arming politicians with our words, now that’s what I call deeply darn right creepy, this being said from a seasoned marketer. Even I’m now afraid that I will believe the clock is a cat or was that the other way around? When government and those who we trust with our concerns now have the knowledge to use that what they think know about us against us. That’s something to really think about or need to do something about quickly!

Douglas Rushkoff and Frontline, Thank you truly good stuff! To the Persuaders, well it’s onward and upward to our next fine art of persuasion.

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