T-Mobile why you’re going to lose me

Dear TMobile,

I’ve been a loyal customer since late 2003 (over 6 years) – you’ve had very few complaints from me up until I changed handsets in October of 2009 – this was my birthday present to myself. I was very excited to buy your first Android phone. I have no complaints about the Android OS or the style and feel of the phone.


For 6 months my frustration has been mounting because of an issue with the HTC battery not charging on the MyTouch Android. This is a huge issue for me because I don’t have a landline. My first call to customer service I complained of only getting 20% after charging the phone for a full 12 hours with the phone off and SIM out. We went through the trouble shooting protocols. I insisted that there must be an issue with the charger or power cord. They sent new charger. The first charge was about 85% – I thought why would I buy a phone that would only give me 85% charge?

Over a couple of weeks the battery stopped charging again – leaving me without phone. I called Tmobile customer support – they sent me a new battery.

BTW my charging behavior is nightly, because this is the only communication device I have.

I complain the MyTouch phone charges but never at 100% only lasts just about 2 hours if I don’t do anything. This means not using:

  • Aps
  • txt
  • calls
  • or other great features I bought the phone to use

After insisting that there’s something wrong with the battery or charger, T-Mobile sends me a new phone. I try the new phone I get 95% charge whoa! That was the most the battery was charged in 4.5 months.

After three weeks the battery is no longer getting 95% charge and slowing the charge is decreasing. Out of frustration I call again and plea with customer support that there’s something the matter with the HTC battery. T-Mobile customer support tells me it my phone charging behavior that I need to train the battery. Why would I ever buy a phone that I need to put so much time and effort into for only 2 hours of usage?

I’m panicking I have to be in NYC for business. I figure I would charge the phone mind you I always charge the phone off, and without SIM card. I thought I would charge it for a full 72 hours. I turned it on the night before my trip after charging for 3 days straight…there’s only 7% charge.

I call TMobile again they insist there is nothing wrong with the charger or the power cord. I asked for a different phone. Tmobile wants me to buy the different brand. That’s ridiculous, I never got the value from the phone I have. We agree they would send me yet another MyTouch phone and another new battery, but that won’t be delivered in time for my trip.

Not sure if I should laugh or cry…I plug the phone back in and hope it will charge for at least 20% that way I could copy my calendar and contacts. It charges slightly but not enough.

Now I’m on business in NYC & left totally without a phone I don’t have access my calendar or contacts. Meetings planned are for locations I’m not familiar with, cant remember the addresses nor all of the meeting times, phone numbers etc.

A friend suggests I go to the T-Mobile store at 601 9 Ave – she said she’s had great luck with the guys there. I go in explain my situation in 5 minutes he tests the power cord – its dead and the charger not working and sells me a $25 charger that charges the MyTouch in 1 hour. The guy who helped me said there are issues with the USB chargers and the MyTouch. Why doesn’t T-Mobile customer support know this? They could have sent me a Delta Charger, but they didn’t and insisted that there was nothing wrong with the charger.

I get home on Sunday there’s the package from T-Mobile with the new phone. I call Customer Support and explain that my time was wasted over 6 months for a known issue with the faulty charger and USB power cord. Customer support didn’t listen to me and insisted I talk to tech rep for additional support. I wasn’t asking for additional support. She hung up on me. My feelings arent hurt that she hung on me, though I’m angry that I had to spend $25.00 on a charger they should have sent me, but T-Mobile lost more…

Here’s the rub:

It cost T-Mobile about $645 to deal with me

  • 2 replacement phones retail value $400
  • 2 replacement batteries $100
  • 1 replacement charger $25
  • At least a dozen calls to customer support: $120

Additional loss:
When my contract is up T-Mobile will loose me as a customer = $9,600 (over next 6 years includes service and new phones.

See this customer was right from the start — but sadly you refused to listen.

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