Stevedoring, Security, Secrecy – Opinion About Dubai Ports World

My opinion paper, “Stevedoring, Security, and Secrecy” will dispel myths regarding United Arab Emirates. Address the issue of selling British owned P&O to Dubai Ports World the impact that decision will have on foreign direct investment for the United States. A brief history of U.S. port outsourcing is addressed. It will discuss feelings of xenophobia among U.S. citizens toward people of Arab nationality. It will provide U.S. lawmaker’s framework for requesting the 45 day review from the Committee for Foreign Investment.

This discussion will address questions regarding the Bush administration’s leadership abilities and reasons for wanting the arrangement with DP World. “Stevedoring, Security and Secrecy” will also cover ethical issues with the sale to DP World and communication issues that arose from the transaction. And provide insight to a possible resolution to the problem faced by DP World.

I wrote this paper for Regis University International Business presented to Dr. Bernie Kelleher.

click here for access to “Stevedoring,, Security, and Secrecy” 16 pages.

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