Social Media Graffiti

Means of self expression and communication have change through out the ages. At one time cave paintings were the means of communication and in some cases self expression. Cave paintings turned into fine art turned into well you get the picture. Over the past 2 decades we’ve seen a new form of self expression in terms of social media.

Social media is the term used to explain self expression online whether through blogging, video, networks. It could be executed through popular programs like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Often the community will part take in these forms of expressions by commenting and rating, whether it approves or disapproves there is an audience which propels the author.

Self expression and opinion has taken on a more grotesque form. Recently employees are assaulting the companies they work for. As in the case of Dominos we saw the YouTube video in which employees violate the integrity of the food made and served at Dominos and the brand.

This form of self expression is social graffiti. Like graffiti seen in real public spaces this form of graffiti is seen online in social networks like YouTube. Whether we like it or not social graffiti is here to stay as part of the freedom of self expression that digital media provides.

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