Slideshare Presentations by Tery Spataro

It was Kit Seeborg who turned me into a Slideshare lover! Here are my Slideshare presentations:

The Changing World of Digital – looks at digital communication from a historical perspective and identifies the way the consumer changes from passive involvement to participant.

Community During Crisis – what Governments can learn from the Boulder Community’s usage of Social Media during the Boulder Fire.

Digital Experiences and Shopping – a look at the why we buy using digital and the effect digital has on the in-store shopping experience.

Digital Strategy – describes approaches to digital strategy to determine brand innovation, communication or promotion directions for using digital.

Fashion Intelligentsia – research report I did to provide insights into how fashion minded women acquire information for shopping. This report was voted the best of Slideshare.

Healthy Digital – explores who the natural and organic consumer is and identifies their digital behavior.

Digital Marketing Strategy vs Tactics – Asking strategic questions, forming ideas and identifying tactics.

The Other Side of the Box –  the story about a cat, box and perception. “The Other Side of the Box” a book about perception, a cat and quantum thoughts.

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