Loving it at Levitz – NOT

Customer service is one of the most important valuable assets that a company could have. Having trained customer service representatives who have the talent to deal with crisis situations is a worthwhile investment.

My parents recently bought furniture from Levitz in Tempe, AZ. The floor model of the leather sofa and matching chair they wanted was in impeccable shape. But what was delivered was far from perfect craftsmanship. The sofa was delivered with a big dent in the seat and leather on the matching chair didn’t match. They did not accept the order and phoned customer service. They never anticipated spending 72 hours dealing with Levitz’s customer service that were far from helpful. Levitz told them they would only get 75% of their money. Why would anyone want to pay for bad craftsmanship?

A day later Levitz tried to redeliver the sofa. After another round of unsuccessful attempts at dealing with customer service my father decided to call the store where the furniture was purchased. He had less success with the salesperson that hung up on my father. Not one to be pushed around he again attempted to get resolution from the situation. Finally today he got confirmation that a credit would appear on his statement.

I did a Google search on Levitz and much to my surprise customers are not “Loving it at Levitz”. One site had over 66 complaints on poor customer service and poor craftsmanship. Hello, CEO Jay Carthers, you really need to pay attention to what customers are saying about your company and put some proper marketing dollars behind great customer service. Also consider firing those furniture makers who have poor skills.

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