Levitz’s Response

It pays to take the time to teach a business how to give good customer service. My parents wrote a letter to CEO and Chairman Jay Carathers. Today his office called and my parents to tell them their needs will be met. Levitz will credit their credit card with in three days of picking up of the matching chair.

Here are the steps to take if you have a complaint about defective products, poor service or being over charges.

1. Remove all emotion from the equation!

2. Try dealing with the business’s customer service.

If no luck

3. Call your credit card company and explain your situation.

4. Put it all in writing to the CEO/President of the company you are dealing with. Make it a short to the point and remember eliminate the emotion. You’ll get quicker progress that way.

I stress eliminate the emotion because I have a very funny story about dealing with RCN and loosing my temper with customer service. Just know they do record you. I saw that recording in a record from American Express. Needless to say I did not get my problem resolved. Now, I think back about the recording and wondering if they are using in customer service training programs for RCN of an example of a customer who is out of control.

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