Laundrygate ACX Completed

Laundrygate, My First Audible Book

I thought it would be fun to turn my first science fiction book, Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future, into an Audible production. Laundrygate is my first creation of an Audible book, though I listened to hundreds of Audible books. So naturally, the unknown made me nervous. So allow me to step you through the production of Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future.

Step One

I had to prepare Laundrygate for the process narrator selection process. So, naturally, that meant creating an audition script to entice narrators. But, holy cows, Laundrygate has four main chapters, each with different characters. Therefore, the audition script had to reflect the main character’s voices.

When I wrote Laundrygate, I focused more on style than following the hardcore rules dialogue structure. For example, many of my characters think aloud, so I represent this as an italic. The use of italics for “thinking out loud” causes confusion for the narrators.

Step Two

Finalizing the audition script, which is only five pages long, I uploaded it to ACX and put it out for a bid. Interested narrators submit an audio file reading from the script. The hardest part of this production process was selecting narrators. There are excellent narrators to choose from on ACX. I received several audio auditions, but none sounded like the characters or the narrator. So I created a spreadsheet of narrators that fit the characters’ voices and the narrator’s voice. Then, I carefully listened to each of the narrators’ audiobook samples.  It was clear that Christy Lynn‘s voice was perfect for the narrator, and she would have fun giving voice to the characters. A special bonus, Christy loves cats as much as I do.

Step Three

Collaborating with the narrator is essential to bringing the characters to life. Christy and I had an introduction call on Zoom. I walked her through each of the characters’ personalities. She had many thoughtful questions and provided many insights in developing the voices. More than Christy’s professionalism, I had a lot of fun working with Christy. When Christy was narrating the delicate and heartfelt parts of the book, Christy took extra care to ensure the character portrayal magnificently. This treatment is apparent in HEA.VEN when Jess, the Creator, talks about her brother, Tony.

Christy read Laundrygate, and she sent me a list of corrections. There were all excellent improvements to the copy that I needed to implement. Christy brought so much to the production and development of the characters. We worked together for over eight weeks and finalized the audio files on December 4th, 2021.

Step Four

After approving Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future, Audible production, I happily and immediately paid Christy. I want Christy to narrate the following two Laundrygate books. I can’t wait to hear what she will do with talking lawnmowers!

Step Five

The ACX review process could take ten days – six weeks. Since this is my first Audible book, there may be some problems, but I’m confident problems will be minor because of Christy’s experience.

Step Six

Any audio files that ACX identifies with issues will be corrected. Super excited, and I can’t wait for you to hear Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future!

Step Seven

Finish writing Laundrygate book two! Although the theme of Laundrygate book two dives deeper into the Metaverse, book one was always about the Metaverse, except it had no name. I created technologies like:

  • Chairman had ocular implants that allowed her to be conscious in the physical location and presence in other places.
  • Witness Historian immersion room that let her understand and feel the history. Kind of like what VR should become.
  • Interstellar Trans-Mirror and Interspecies Transference in Laundrygate, the story.
  • HEA.VEN is the Metaverse, a world where your consciousness lives after your physical self dies.

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