Fabulous Evening Inspired by the My BFF Launch

Flower Dreams Tery Spataro

My first NFT was minted in June of 2021 and burned in January of 2022.

Understanding Crypto Got Easier

It’s an exciting time to be a crypto artist and collector. However, as more and more people discover how fun and easy it can be to create their crypto-art and collect new tokens, they also realize that there aren’t many resources to help them in this process. That’s something I hope My BFF can help with educating and resources!

Outstanding Speakers

I’ve had the pleasure of attending the launch of My BFF! The event left me energized. Extraordinary CoFounders Jaime Schmidt and Brit Morin brought fabulous insightful, inspirational speakers and many other notable women, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Randi Zuckerberg, Maliha Abidi, Sofia Garcia, Ariel Wengroff, creators Mila Kunis (Stoner Cats), WomenriseNFT, BossBeautiesNFT. In addition, an impressive list of board members includes Cathy Hackl and many other notable women. Cathy posted about the My BFF launch event that got my attention to attend.

Women Helping the Community

In June 2021, after attending a webinar by Anne Spalter, an incredible digital artist, I finally got the courage to mint my first NFT. I wouldn’t say that I am an expert in the blockchain world. However, I understand it enough to follow what is happening. I appreciate the cutting-edge ideas that are coming out of the crypto community. Blockchain Friends Forever (MyBFF) is an initiative to educate folks and help get new users started on their crypto journey. And even if you don’t know much about the blockchain, this seems like a great way to find out more and become immersed in this new type of digital art culture. Check out the launch for yourself! Here’s the recording of the MyBFF launch 

My Story

Initially, I was terrified to take the leap. Still, I got over my fear, and I appreciate the education I got from Anne Spalter, the continued work that Cathy Hackl is doing, and the community support from Lily White.

My digital art is on Objkt, where are there are 48 digital art pieces I mint using tezos. In addition, I created hundreds of physical art pieces over this past year.
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Join me for a free webinar, Future in Art, Everything you wanted to know about NFTs, but you’re afraid to ask, Sunday, February 27, 1:30 – 2:30 pm EST. Please register using this link.

Photo by Melissa Askew, Unsplash