eHarmony why bother?

I’ve been trying out eHarmony. Sold on the idea of their special matching system works I decided what the heck I’ll give it a try.

Based on their information on their site which convinced me a year membership would be the best and most economical choice. I signed up for the year membership. Hope the gratification would come sooner than a year. I would find that special someone.

First task fill out long laborious form which asks similar questions like Myers Briggs. Got through that after an hour or so only to be told after I paid it would be difficult to find a match for.

Thinking back on that day I wonder if this was the legal way of getting out of the special matching system to work? Perhaps it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Match after match just did seem to fit. Most matches though seemingly nice men on paper were geographically undesirable.

All the while eHarmony kept asking for feedback I kept giving feedback about the matching system not working.

The engagement process between the potential matches and I was long a lengthy process. There were very matches that reached the 4th point which is open communication. The behavior of most candidates was to drop off before they reach the final phase. When we finally were engaged by open communication there was no mystery. There was not one face to face meeting. I’m a very disappointed customer in regard to the service. Additionally when I called to speak to customer service they told me because I agree to use eHarmony for the year regardless of how poor their service was I had to pay.

By the way this is my second attempt with eHarmony. The first time I tried eHarmony there were so many bugs with the system I became very frustrated and left the system. This time I was sold on good advertising because I believed eHarmony could find my match, but I think they are very good at selling vapor.

Customer service offered no service. They did not want to hear about my complaints about the system nor was I allowed to talk to a supervisor. They told me they are going to continue to charge me even through their service hasn’t done fulfilled their brand promise.

Incidentally, I did a quick search and found there are people who are equally disappointed with their membership. There are 39,000 keyword using eHarmony sucks.

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This YouTube eHarmony spoof is not so far from what you really get on eHarmony:


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