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Sue Standfield is a new client and friend. I was introduced to Sue via Sarah Jane Redmond, my dear friend, who recommended my marketing services. Sue is developing her business vision in Kenya. She’s very passionate about what she wants to accomplish for the children of Kenya and setting up a sustainable business. Her vision is trade not aid with Africa.

Sue is finding out that setting up business in Kenya is a difficult endeavor. As we know this is a very poor country. In her blog, Doing Business with Africa, Sue wrestles with developing relationships with the people of Kenya. They are a creative, hardworking and want the same quality of life we are all trying to seek but their economic situation prevents most Kenyans from the quality of life we enjoy. Sue is very daring; she describes herself as “a skinny white girl from Canada.” I admire her tenacity to leave the comfort zone of Canada and go to the harsh climate of Kenya to setup an ambitious business alone. She has the true spirit of an entrepreneur.

In mid May I received a distressing email from Sue saying she was mugged, dragged down to the ground, her equipment stolen. People passing by just stopped, frozen and only after the attackers were finished one person helped her. Sue was understandably confused and angry by what had happened. For most of us this violent incident would be enough to make us want to run back to our confront zone, but Sue is courageous for not giving up. She put this horrible and terrifying experience into to humanistic and spiritual context. She should be appreciated for continuing on with the business set setout to build.

Additional information on Sue Standfield and Children’s Photographic Gallery of Kenya:

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