DEATH the Digital Plan

We’ve accomplished so much on digitally. Almost every business model has transcended to a digital model. But over the past year or so I’ve been thinking about one business model that has yet to really transcend digitally…though it’s almost here and that model is…Death Switch
Dead Man’s Switch
Sympathy Tree
Virtual Memorials
Asset Lock

There are even
folks talking about how to manage your digital bits after you die.
And Facebook will preserve your FB page for as long as long can be, but really how long is long; how about of your life is really there, what will it be used for in the future?
Women’s Internet History project. This project will help with the structure of story telling, preserve the stories of women who helped shape, provide a purpose for, and develop the internet. Join us in the preservation process @womensinternet on Twitter.

Women’s Internet History Project is dedicated to preserving the stories and contributions from women who were the pioneers of the early internet days 1980-1999. This project provides the biographies, contributions, experiences and connections shared by women who were involved with internet and digital.


…it’s already a big business in the dirt world. Funeral services, memorials, obituaries, tombstones, even the catering business is attached to the business of DEATH.

I know you’re gasping at my focus on such a touchy subject.

My essay is an exploration of my thoughts about DEATH and potential for business plan about transcending DEATH in the digital world and what I think the future of DEATH will be. My reasoning around the subject of DEATH probably stems from my mid life, questioning who I am, my purpose and if anyone really knew me at all – sometimes this type of self absorption is a good opportunity to see if anyone is thinking in the same way if so what’s the opportunity?

Here I go: not to belabor the details of my request from my Will, I don’t want to be put into the ground & buried. I believe my human vessel should be cremated to save the planet from further waste and pollution. I believe the body is merely a vessel my personality, thoughts, dreams, feelings, hopes, desires, memories is really what makes me me and therefore the most important information worth saving. Here is where I see the opportunity in DEATH.

A slight digression, we do a great job of digitally preserving and archiving our arts, music, TV programs, movies, even our financial statements that go on in years in time, but why not the human personality?

Here lies the business I want to be in…

I want to be in the business of the preservation of personality – the thoughts and memories of the individual. Think about this instead of visiting the cemetery, you visit the digital version of your loved one. The memories, personality, all the digital bits and bytes about this person are archived so that you can relive those moments of your loved one. Therefore, in DEATH there is the opportunity for ever lasting life in the digital world.

Yes, there are several businesses that cater the digital business of DEATH already:

The list goes on…
Even searching the business of digital death [without quotes] led me to about 74 million possibilities about the subject.

I believe a lot of us are thinking about it, but I want to be the one to do something about it.

The future of DEATH could be something extraordinary. As our scientists continue to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence [AI], the idea of utilizing existing data and information to give AI personality could be drawn from the profile of Human Archive. By utilizing your digital personality could provide you with ever lasting life.

What do you think…

My first step into this world is through a history project I’m working on with Aliza Sherman and Jen Myrunok,

The premise of this project is to provide a platform to tell our stories, connect with one another, and celebrate the accomplishments of women in every aspect of the Internet evolution.We’re building a historical record of women in the Internet history over a 20 year span.The project is co-founded by Aliza Sherman and Tery Spataro

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