Are you Over or Under?

Cottonelle-RollPoll Clark St. bus 22Toilet paper is a necessary comfort for all households. But the big debate has always been whether the toilet paper should roll over or under. This age old debate may be the cause plenty of divorces, separations, firings, and social uprisings. Cottonelle took up the cause of whether TP should be dispensed over or under by having a public vote on which way to roll.

The Cottonelle campaign rolled out a couple in celebration of Thomas Crapper Day according to Blessing Abound Mommy. I first noticed the outdoor advertising on a bus shelter. I chuckled thinking why bother…but then I took a closer look. I discovered Cottenelle made it very easy for consumers to participate in the debate by voting and voicing their option on which way to roll via the Roll Poll Throwdown.

The message that the debate is on is integrated in a number of ways creating several stragetic touchpoints:

  • Outdoors
  • Website to cast your vote and see the voting results via a US map which has comments and videos
  • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • PR, blogger, and twitter chatter
  • TV ads
  • Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott got into the act with Cottonelle puppies, who doesn’t love those adorable puppies?

What I really enjoyed about this campaign was the fun way to engage consumers. There was a similar campaign over the Coke/Pepsi debate but TP isn’t something consumers usually discuss in mass. This was a clever way to give consumers an opportunity to talk about the over or under dilemma gets the conversation started.

Kimberly Clark got consumers to talk about TP and engage in the over or under debate. Budget minded consumers may be hunting for cheaper TP brands or offers to offsite strapped budgets. Was the Cottonelle campaign enough to provide brand affinity for Cottonelle? Was there any thought to customer acquisition an easy way to provide coupon offering?

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