Aliza Sherman’s Benefits of Blogging

I was searching, VB Cosmetics on Techorati today when I found a link to VB Cosmetics blog by Aliza Sherman from her post: Benefits of Blogging. Aliza gives great advice on the benefits a business would reap from blogging.

As Aliza asserts in her post, “The VB Cosmetics blog is clearly being creatively used as a marketing tool for their products site.” I would like to add VB Cosmetics blog also services to shape the customer relationship voice. The familiar relaxed writing style used by Lorre Boyd, helps to create a more approachable company, one a customer can get to know, feel comfortable with, and/ or talk to. Abrione, VB Cosmetics’ skin care line, is not a familiar brand; VB Cosmetics must work hard to foster customer relationships. One way is to respond to comments on VB Cosmetics blog either through posts or by adding to comments.

Of course blogging is not a strategy that works for every busy, or should I dear say every business person. It is a reach tactic like any public communication strategy that a business must seriously consider.

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