Age & new generation of industries

Age is a target for job discrimination among the new industries. But what some smart businesses are realizing is that age has it’s benefits to new generation of young workers. Young workers that are ambitious, smart but need help focusing.

Business leaders must realize the importance in the knowledge the seasoned professional has, how seasoned professional changes and adapts their knowledge to fit the trends. Equally important for helping younger professionals who don’t have the experience, perspective, wisdom and knowledge by leading, mentoring, cultivating, and educating them. As senior person in this very nascent industry [digital], my ambition is to motivate new talent to become the next generation of leaders, so that next generation of products/services/experiences are not narrowly focused, lacking perceptive and consideration of users. Users = profit.

Age should be a factor – in that factor the consideration of maturity, wisdom, experience, and perspective, which all have an impact on business and marketing strategy, client services, customers, production, creativity, and return on investment.

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