10 Tery Designs for Thanksgiving

10 Tery Designs That Go Well With Turkey!

Design of Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving and the blessing of giving thanks. I gave the idea of what goes well with Turkey much deep thought. When I sat down at the computer to think about the design of Thanksgiving, a flood of beautiful colors came to mind. Hues, tints, and tones come to life in oranges, reds, rust, umbers, ochres, Siena, blues, deep forest greens, copper, tan, pearl, and steel. The sunlight is less intense, making earth tones appear more robust. The landscape changes, especially for folks living in the north. I can smell apples and pumpkins. The air is crisp and sharp.


The colors of Thanksgiving and the fall were inspirations to create watercolors and generative art to celebrate this festive day of giving thanks.

Each of these six watercolors tells a story.

For example, the Thanksgiving Flowers watercolor is of the table centerpiece, a gift from my brother. The following watercolor is returning from a hike in Boulder, Colorado.

I captured this gorgeous image of the golden leaves flowing over the bridge as Boulder Creek flows under it.

While in Chicago, I visited my friend, Elaine, when I saw fire engine red leaves of the Japanese Elm tree caress the incredible fall sky. It made my heart sing.

Pumpkins are more than Halloween. I was picking pumpkins with my sister and nephew in Gilbert, AZ. The sunlight reflected the colors of the pumpkins in the cart, capturing the beauty of the day.

Thanksgiving in New England is the best! The fall leaves change into deeper earth tones, the sky seems a bit gray even with the sun out.

Nature celebrates the Grand Canyon with magnificent glistening golden yellows with hints of pink. This was a fantastic hike that I enjoyed with my brother and friends. 

  • Thanksgiving Flowers by Tery Spataro
  • Thanksgiving Boulder CO by Tery Spataro
  • Red Leaves by Tery Spataro
  • Pumpkin Patch by Tery Spataro
  • New England Landscape by Tery Spataro
  • Grand Canyon by Tery Spataro

Delighting the Thanksgiving Atmosphere

Works of art are printed on Cadenza, Wine Chiller, Coasters, Serving Trays, Placemats, Mini-Prints, and many more things. The Thanksgiving collection is found on Society6 Thanksgiving Tabletop Ideas by Tery Designs. Imagine a table setting with Tery Design tabletops as accent pieces.

After all the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner, turkey does take a long time. So treat yourself by wearing this lovely Contrado Simple Geometry Bodycon Dress or Contrado Simple Geometry Slip Dress. The Contrado fashions feature the elegance of my Simple Geometry design created with Playform.AI with sacred geometry symbols. In addition, I designed three stunning ties and pocket squares for men, each featuring a design from the Contrado Exuberance collection. Finally, Le Galeriste used my Simple Geometry design to create this Ava Poncho – a lovely accent for the Contrado Simple Geometry bodycon or slip dress.


Special Thanks

Thanksgiving evokes this idea of home, warmth, being with loved ones. My curious cat, Luke’s senses become aroused with delight when our home fills with the intoxicating aromas of Thanksgiving turkey. He can’t help himself from begging for a treat. Last year COVID was tough for all of us, but I hope you will be with your loved ones this year. 

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