Tery Designs and Creations Open for Business

Where to Buy

Where to Buy?

Tery Designs and Creations are available through the following sites:

Society6 by Tery Spataro

Thanksgiving tabletop society6 tery spataro

  • 56 designs
  • 667 products

le Galeriste

leGaleriste Tery Spataro fall winter with fashions

  • 6 designs
  • 75 products


Tery Designs fall winter 2021-2022 Transformational Art on Canvas

  • 22 designs
  • 62 products
  • All works of art are limited editions includes Certificate of Authenticity and NFT

Amazon Books and Kindle

Books by Tery Spataro the other side of the box, In Search of Elk, Laundrygate V1, Flower Opera, Re-imaging the In Store Digital Experience


Hic et Nunc

  • 27 NFTs available on Objkt minted through Hic et Nunc