COVID-19 Participant Sentiment Sharon Lewis and Tery Spataro q3 open-ended


Human data is chaotic, I love to synthesize & make sense of the messiness! – Tery Spataro

Published Research

COVID-19 PARTICIPANT SENTIMENT: Attitudes and Behaviors, June 28, 2020 study conducted by Sharon Lewis and Tery Spataro.

October 2020. DIGITAL BANKING: POST-COVID-19 Digital CX Banking Report. Digital CX Group.

June 2020. Overview of Post-COVID-19 Digital Banking Report. Digital CX Group. Free download.

2018. The Future is 2030. Tery Spataro.

Digital Strategy. Defining what is digital strategy, why use it, and for what. Presentation.

Banks Acquired. Actions and concerns of customers whose bank was part of an acquisition. Banks Acquired includes data from 100 U.S. bank customers whose banks were acquired.

Millennials & Mobile Wallets. What banks can learn from the digitally engaged generation about mobile wallets?

Millennials & the Future of Banking. Explores the behaviors and attitudes of 450 U.S. millennials have towards banks and banking, examines their financial needs, based on this research the findings define an image of the future of banking.

The Age of Mobile Wallets. Behaviors and attitudes of 2,000 U.S. consumers toward using mobile wallets.

The Future is Now: Humans at the Confluence of Technology and Environment.

Confluence Man with Machine. Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho Off to Work Robbie Goes. The Confluence of Man with Machine.

Confluence The Connect Human. Human and the incorporation of technology and biology.

Digital Disruption. Research collaboration with Augustine Fou and Tery Spataro. Tech disruptions that contribute to changes in old media.

Fashion Intelligentsia. Digital media behavior by fashion-minded shoppers.

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