Space Dolphins by Tery

TezTown Ushers In A New Era in Art Making

Imagine a world where artists can collaborate with AI. Imagine a world where art is created by machines.

Science Fiction Meets AI Art

OutofthisWorld finale art by TeryOut of this World, the latest TezTown Art Event became the art event maker and showed creators and collectors a new genre of art. Many of the winners picked by judges Tom Lombardo, Mark Jeffrey, and Louis Katz were artworks created using AI. It’s clear now that AI art is here to stay—and that makes it so exciting! It would seem that AI art is relative to Science Fiction and right before our eyes we are watching IRL science fiction become real with the use of art services.

Another important item of note is that the TezTown Out of this World event, in addition to making AI artworks collectible, grew the value of the community’s artwork, helped artists reach a new level of maturity, and cultivated new emerging artists.

TezTown is always proud to see the creativity of its creators come to life. For this TezTown event, Out of this World, was no exception!

The Winners

Here are the wonderful winners of the Out of this World event.

Galactic Battle Sandytoes2211 | Galactic Battle 2211 WWWoronin | Last Epic Spaceship battle Ken Ballard | The Eternal Struggle
Simi.tez | Zander the defender XTZZinger | Everyone loses
Dillin With Art | Run! UFO Attack
Summer in Space Bonsai Fox | Ark Summer David Oxley | Wish You Were Here! Choen Lee | Cruise Holiday
Dillin with Art | Let’s swim Manu Williams | Summer In Space
Wahyu Heriyadi (NFTPOET) | The Ancient Simulation #1
Spacebase boochyl | The Final Step Kumiverse | Space Base TZ55XI Ebysslabs | Solitude
Sandytoes2211 |  Spacebase 2211 Lucid-Dreamer | Cosmic K-PAX
Pedro Kozovits | The First Substance
Retro SciFi Koi Art | First Contact Volume 1 CyberVerse | Lets Fly Ken Ballard | What is it Good For?
Lesley Christine | A New Day Pedro Kozovits | Dante’s Moon
WWWoronin | Holidays in space
My Favorite Alien islava | My Favorite Alien Simii.tez | Zarifa BEARBIGS | ALIANSILIEN
VLDZ ∞ Vampy.tez | Royal Succession ONurArt | The Merecorn
PaxRomanArt | Imprint

But what about the artist who didn’t win any of the prizes?

We’re so excited about the work that our community of creators submitted, and want to congratulate all of the creators you are all winners. Our hearts are full as we look at your creations, and we can’t wait to see what kind of magic you’ll bring to us next time!

What about the artist who won our hearts and imaginations?

That’s right, it’s Retro Manni! His video piece, A New Home, is an amazing display of creativity and technical prowess. This piece is very personal and struck a chord with community members of TezTown, Retro Manni conveys the inspiration from the memories and experiences of his grandparents and many more like them that had to leave their homes.

And this isn’t just good news for artists—it’s good news for collectors too! Because A New Home is completely sold out! And to sweeten Retro Manni’s success from Out of this World, even more, the Tezos Foundation offered 500 Tezos to collector Lucid Dreamer. Making the value of Retro Manni’s art excel even further. Congratulations Retro Manni – well deserved!

Stay tuned in for the next exciting TezTown Event!

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