Surface Designs Patterns and Artwork

Surface Designs Patterns and Artwork

My art combines nature photos, symbols, geometric, and AI.

I find myself at the forefront of imagining the evolution of technology, the human condition, and nature. I am a creator, author, futurist, philosopher, and entrepreneur pursuing creativity.

Tery Designs and creations express my artistic pursuits. I work with human, natural, and technological elements to tell stories. Especially in collaboration with AI, I combine my digital photographs and geometry to create kaleidoscopic kinetic experiences.

My creative expressions are brought to life in the form of surface designs for wall art, physical objects, fashions, tabletop, furniture, lifestyle, outdoor, tech, and abstract animated digital artworks, NFT art, picture books, science fiction books, and digital operas.

Where to find Tery Designs?

Following product & clothing designers and producers bring my work to life:

Some of my artwork has an accompanying Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

NFTs are minted on Hic et Nunc using tezo coins. See my NFT art on Objkt.

Learn more about my art background.

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