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Sky Dreams – The Picturesque Poem

Sky Dreams Picture Book Unveiled

In Sky Dreams, I invite you to share the joy of seeing the sky as a canvas, allowing imagination to run free. The whimsical nature of the narrative will delight readers young and old alike.

I continuously strive to produce works of art that bring out the best in my readers. Sky Dreams is one of those rare books that is simply breathtaking! This picture book is filled with a lot of imagination and creativity, unlike any other picture book today.

The sky holds so many memories for me. It is my playground, my source of joy, and a lifetime of inspiration that I share with you through this new picture book.

I delight in seeing the sky as an extraordinary canvas. I capture the whimsical playfulness of imagination in this delightful poem and picture book. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, you will have fun watching the narrative play out in front of your eyes.

Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen more than just clouds?

I know I have—and it’s incredible. I love looking up at the clouds and imagining they are more than water drops or ice crystals floating in the sky. Are they snakes? Castles? Or maybe even a dragon! The atmosphere is this unique canvas that we can all use to create whatever we want.

I’ve written a poem about how fun it is to imagine the clouds coming to life in “Sky Dreams.” My poem comes to life in a beautiful picture book full of sky paintings. There are photographs of the sky I took are from all over the world! Ask yourself if you see more than just the sky!

I’ve been creating art my whole life. For Sky Dreams, my creative process involves taking my photographs of the sky and then using Playform AI to turn them into artwork that looks like animals or other things you might find in nature. It’s so much fun! And now you can see what I mean by that with this new picture book which combines a decade worth of my cloud photographs with Playform AI-generated artwork designed by me and some additional digital flourishes supplied by yours truly.

Tery Sky Dreams RevealAn Exciting Collaboration of Art and Technology!

The artwork is designed using Playform AI, with final digital flourishes created by me. I loved working with Playform because it was so easy to use! Using it allowed me to take my photographs and create new paintings from them. It took me back to being a kid again when my sister and I would stare at the clouds and see things in them. I can’t wait for everyone to see what wonders we’ve created together!

I discovered Playform from Anne Spalter, who Jennifer Chang, Playform CEO, interviewed. It quickly became apparent that the Playform AI would be able to translate these photos into unique pieces of art, and the photographs for Sky Dreams would be the perfect project.

Later in this picture book, I explain the genesis for my poem, Sky Dreams. And I demonstrate my collaboration with Playform AI and present my original paintings.

Sky Dreams is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

Fine Arts and Products featuring Sky Dreams artwork:

  • Sky Dreams NFT contract completes the formats for my poetic story – paperback, ebook, and now the MP4 with NFT, which is available for 3 Tezos on OBJKT.
  • Sky Dreams inspired fine arts with limited editions printed on canvas through Contrado. Imagine these beautiful pieces hanging on your walls.
  • And wait, there are more products through Society6, including a Sky Dreams puzzle. Check out the collection.

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