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Science Fiction School is Open

Over the past year, I’ve been working with Tom Lombardo, Center for Future Consciousness, to produce the Evolution of Science Fiction webinar series. Today I am pleased to announce we created a school for the Center for Future Consciousness! The first course is the Evolution of Science Fiction.

Science fiction is the most visible, influential, and popular modern form of futurist thinking and imagination in the contemporary world. Whether you are a science fiction scholar, futurist, or enthusiast, Tom Lombardo’s Evolution of Science Fiction course will open your mind and expand your knowledge of Science Fiction.

The Evolution of Science Fiction course will have seventeen modules. The introduction, Module 1, and Module 2 are available for free. Module 3 and the next modules are $15.00 each. Learners can have access to the course as often as they. A self-paced course that follows Tom Lombardo’s book Science Fiction – The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future: Prometheus to the Martians.

We have plans for adding more courses to the Center for Future Consciousness.

Click for more information about the Center for Future Consciousness.