Le Galeriste Interpolation 1-9-12 Tery Spataro

NFTs Art AI & Le Galeriste Fashions

What do Surface Designs, NFTs, AI, and Fashion have in Common?

Please welcome my latest surface designs: Interpolation is the intersection between something of a different nature to something else.

How are My Surface Designs Created?

I love the collaboration with Playform.io AI! The AI combines my floral photographs to create a kaleidoscopic kinetic experience. Each print was created using Playform.io AI, which took my digital flower photographs reformed them into gorgeous abstract images. The Playform images are brought into Photoshop to create the kaleidoscopic effect. The result is a spectacular design that stimulates the imagination.

Le Galeriste chose three Interpolation surface designs: No. 1, No. 9, and No. 12.  The designs are imprinted on these beautiful Le Galeriste fashions. I ordered several pieces to ensure the quality of the printing and material. There are four dress style types, and scarves, tunics, and palazzo pants. The scarves are on sale until August 31, 2021.

When the delivery from Le Galeriste arrived, I could hardly wait to open the box! The Le Galeriste Team did a wonderful job of packing the box. Lovely tissue paper acts as a cushion for the items. Each order comes with a special note from me. Wow, look at the river of beautiful color! The results are pleasing!

What’s in the Box from Le Galeriste!

Interpolation Fashions by Tery are available at Le Galeriste

The NFT Contract

I learned so much from the world of NFTs. I created an NFT for each of the Interpolation designs before sending them to Le Galeriste. They are not for sale yet, but my strategy is to auction each NFT and offer the line corresponding line from Le Galeriste. I’m hoping that Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue may be interested in adding a new section for NFT art. I also think an aspiring designer will find my surface designs worthy of new levels of design.

I use Hic et Nunc to mint. I really love the H=N community and minting is easy.