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JACKSONVILLE, Fla.Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future, just might have the answer to what our future holds, this unusual collection of short stories explores unimagined aftereffects of technology. The four short wild and surreal tales envisions outcomes brought about by technological change, human curiosity, and imagining posthumanism worlds. These stories represent many worlds and opportunities that technologies could bring to reality.

The heroines of Laundrygate experience many themes and challenges caused by these other-worldly ecosystems. Their journeys take you on a technological rollercoaster of human evolution, environmental ramifications, political fallout, religious upheaval, and transformation of economies, and at the same time, you experience love, grief, happiness, fun, wonder, courage, pride, power, fear, and peace. The Chairman takes command in what would seem to be a virtual workplace. The Witness Historian pursues the understanding of the past to prevent horrific events from happening again. Kela, a species from another world, explores Earth through interspecies transference and relationship development. To save all of us, the Creator takes on HEA.VEN and evolves humans.

“Tery” Spataro, author, brings these quirky and thoughtful tales together. She dives deep to create curious but possible futures.

“The characters are like you and me; we strive each day to learn, create, imagine, to be greater, and experience more,” stated Tery. “Our encounters are not like our counterparts who have it easier, but we can calculate the struggle and do so with conviction and heart. We must be flexible like the cat.”

Take a breath from the dystopian while considering the distant future with Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future.

Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future published by Truth Strength Publishing can be purchased on Amazon:

About the Author “Tery” Spataro
Tery is a respected techno progressive, entrepreneur, strategist, researcher, and futurist. When Tery looks up at the night sky she does not see stars she sees opportunities. Tery spends most of her time thinking, imagining, and envisioning the forces that bring together the elements, thoughts, and ideas. She explores the science, art, and philosophy behind concepts to bring new opportunities to life.

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Quote: Whoever owns human-to-technological evolution owns the future! – @Tery

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In Laundrygate, Strange Stories About The Future Tery Spataro questions the consequences of technological change, government policies and human behavior.  Laundrygate is available in paper and Kindle format on Amazon.

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