In Search of Elk by Tery Spataro

In Search of Elk, New Book by Tery Spataro

I wrote the story, In Search of Elk, to accompany the photos I took while staying at the Grand Canyon. I was a frequent cat sitter, for my dear friends, Kim and Mike Buchheit, Canyon residents, of their sweet lovable cat, Sprout.

During my stay I noticed the Elk moving about the Canyon. One day they were behind the house, next they were on the South Rid, and another time down by the train tracks. I photographed them as they moved about. I wrote this short story originally for my nephew, Tillman, so that someday he and I would visit Grand Canyon National Part to find the Elk.

I love the mysteries and secrets that the beautiful Grand Canyon keeps.

I hope you will enjoy, In Search of Elk as much as I did taking the photographs and writing the story. My picture book is an excellent read-aloud book!

Available on Amazon in ebook and paperback.

In Search of Elk is a short easy to read, action-adventure nature-loving story about finding Elk at the Grand Canyon. In Search of Elk is a photo book that highlights mysterious places at the Grand Canyon National Park where the Elk hide. An excellent read-aloud book for young readers and delightful for any audience appreciating the beauty of the nature of Grand Canyon National Park. Children will enjoy exploring the fun photographs and begging for a Grand Canyon adventure after reading In Search of Elk.

Written, photographed, and designed by Tery Spataro, author of Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future, and The Other Side of the Box.