COVID taught me to learn

COVID Taught Me to Learn New Things

Cut down palm leaves.

Mowed my lawn.

Assemble the lawn mower, lawn trimmer, blower, and palm saw.

Garden and weed.

Growing milkweed.

Care for monarch caterpillars.

Let go of monarch butterflies.

Created organic fire ant repellent.

Rescue snakes.

Rescue frogs.

Let nature do what nature needs to do.

Baked gluten free apple and mixed berries pie.

Baked gluten free cupcakes and cake.

Drank Barrell Bourbon.

Growing lettuce and herbs in the house.

Assembled the Aero-garden

Learning to use Oculus Quest 2 AR and VR, XR.

Gave myself and my mother a haircut- not bad.

Involved in the creation of 7 different products, each with a different target market.

Ran a mile in the house.

Watched the entire Schitt’$ Creek series.

Baked ochre.

Completely self-publish Laundrygate.

Asked for help.

Made friends with people across that country that I never met face to face.

Reinstalled digital lock.

Did 21 days of mediation.

Learned how to produce webinar.

Created a video of me reading from Laundrygate.

Continue wearing masks and gloves.

Got my mother’s home sold.

I changed course on in seconds.

Protect my family.