be kind to each other no matter the difference

COVID-19 Pandemic Day 69 US

March 26, 2020, 2:55 pm ET – Ponte Vedra, FL – I choose to stay at home so that I don’t catch or spread the COVID-19 virus. I am fearful that my mother, who is in her 80’s will get this. There are so many variables to spreading COVID-19 it’s hard to wrap your mind around it.

The US is the 3rd country with the greatest number of COVID-19 cases.

My recipe for dealing with staying at home:

  • Coping
    • Try to stay focused on editing my book. Amy Lieberman did an excellent job of editing! Laundrygate will be available by this summer.
    • Keep working on the research projects that I am so grateful for having.
    • I only listen to NPR Morning Edition once a day.
  • Planning
    • Plan for weekly household needs.
    • Schedule only necessary trips to the store.
    • Find online resources for items I can get.
  • Preparing
    • Keep in mind the next few months will be difficult not to forget that there will be more time.
  • Recovery
    • Put in plan my plan for the future.
    • Identify what will be needed because of this great change.

I began this post on US Day 67 of COVID-19 Pandemic – this feeling of surrealism took over. I couldn’t finish.

Today is March 28th, 2020, 5:34 pm ET, Ponte Vedra, FL – mixed emotions.

It’s Day 69; the US has 119,748 cases of COVID-19, surpassing all other countries with the greatest number of cases. New York has the most number of confirmed cases at 52,318 in the US. I’m in Florida, there are 3,763 confirmed cases, my location is between St. Johns 48 cases and Duvel 115 cases.

Total deaths worldwide: 30,438. The US is entering the swelling phase of COVID-19. Medical officials are saying COVID-19 is not slowing down as the peak is coming in a few weeks. Then we wait for the plateau.

There is much misinformation about COVID-19 circulating. I follow Johns Hopkins and get daily reports from Kathy E Gill, who is a journalist and educator. It helps me feel like I have some control by having access to reputable information.

My mother has not left the house since March 13, 2020, when I took her to the ophthalmologist and then we very carefully went grocery shopping.

I’ve been going grocery shopping at least once a week. The usual routine is on Saturdays go to Fresh Market for meats, specialty foods items, some produce, cheeses, and wine. Sundays or during the week get other grocery items milk, eggs, deli, bread, bakery, other items. I had to make changes to this routine that I actually enjoyed – love grocery shopping. A neighbor on our local NextDoor posted about the CSA, which is a better solution than going into the grocery store. The first CSA package arrived on Thursday. I went to Fresh Market yesterday afternoon – I love Fresh Market but it was difficult understanding the 6 feet separation strips on the floor. Getting meats was tricky because I usually select my meats. Only a dozen people were in the store, each moving as quickly as possible to avoid each other. My heart went to the store personal, they were exposed every day to the risk of COVID-19. I have a hard time going back because of my personal ethics and not wanting to expose them or be exposed. I’m searching online for delivery of organic meats.

Last Saturday I was invited to a Zoom dinner hosted by my friend Steve Filler. It felt good to feel connected to the outside world. Steve and Heather had 4 other couples and me on Zoom. We spent a couple of hours discussing all sorts of things and including COVID-19. This past Monday afternoon I hosted a Zoom Afternoon Tea with friends from NYC tech industry. Renee Edelman, Amy Lieberman, Laura Berland, and Francine Hardaway attended. They suggested next time I have Zoom Afternoon Tea do it on the weekend. It was great connecting with them.

Mom and Aunt Elaine Zooming

It warmed my heart to teach my mother and my Aunt, Elaine who lives in Connecticut how to use Zoom. We had a Zoom Family Reunion!

We are entering the Zoom-Economy!

Be well and Stay Healthy! Be kind to each other no matter the differences!