Blinddate collab giraxel and tery

Blinddate Art Collaboration

Mama Where Are You cover art giraxel teryMy First Ever Collab!

I signed up for the BlindDate collab hosted by @rblbab @TerosEso @ninacrypto2 and @Loganthedudee Tech and tools by @NFTBiker. This event is open to all #Hicetnunc and #OBJKT #NFT artists! I was eager to experience a digital collab. The wheel of artists was spun on January 29th. There were over seventy artists that wanted to participate. After an hour and a half of wheel-spinning, my match was revealed!

Meet My Blind Date

Giraxel, known as @pixellnft on Twitter, is my match. Griaxel is from Bali, and I’m on the east coast in the US. A significant difference in time. We compared styles and digital art creation experiences. Giraxel is an excellent pixel artist! My art is AI-generated with kaleidoscopic designs created by hand. As for the collab…I didn’t know what would come out of this or where it could go, but we sure had a lot of fun creating.

Working Together

We exchanged a few messages, and then it was time to get to work. I was SO excited to see what we would come up with! Giraxel created an animation of a lost panda. I went to work on creating a video with a backdrop. I added AI music – it was my first ever transition between two different pieces of music. It all came together!

Both creators, Giraxel and I, feel that this video has a winning formula. It incorporates fantastic creativity, animation, and music! Giraxel’s animation is spot on, and I made the music work. This collab of pixel art, animation, and music has a heartwarming story with beautiful details and engaging music.

We love this collab! It made us laugh, our art looks great, and it taught us new things. We hope you all have as much fun watching our video as we made it!

This collab was a grand experiment that I really enjoyed and I learned so much.

Now we are ready for the #BlindDate extravaganza! The #BlindDate store opens at 12:01 am Japan time on February 11th!

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Join us on Saturday, February 13th 3-5 pm EST for the BlindDate Space on Twitter!