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Big News Laundrygate Audiobook is Live

Laundrygate, Strange Stories About The Future– Audiobook is Live!

Big News

Spend your next commute laughing, crying, and even scratching your head with this captivating and crazy sci-fi compilation. Strange Stories About the Future is an audiobook that features stories that tap into the wilder side of science fiction, stories as diverse as they are interesting. We live in an age of technological advancement where almost anything you can imagine is possible. The transformation of the future will change the world and everything we know about it.

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Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future is an unusual collection of short stories about the unimagined consequences of technology and the creation of neI’vealities. I’ve dreamed up these wild, surreal tales, envision the outcomes brought about by technological change and human curiosity, and imagine post-humanist worlds. Laundrygate creates multiple metaverses for your imagination. Now available in audiobook format. The narration is by Christy Lynn, who took the voices that I hear in my head and brought the characters to life.

You now get to enjoy the Chairman, Witness Historian, Hobbes, Levi, Kela, Skip, Jessa, and her team in a whole new dimension.

About the Narration

I am delighted with Christy Lynn’s narration of the Laundrygate audiobook. I eagerly anticipate your thoughts, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you have the time to delve into a work of future fiction and enjoy it for what it is—an alternate view of the universe around us—you will find hours of listening pleasure among these stories. All of them are short, interesting, and fun to hear. And you can listen to them in your car or on a train or wherever you happen to be––albeit with headphones at a moderate volume––and they are written to stand alone; you don’t need to hear one story after another.

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Metaverses of Laundrygate

These four stories represent many worlds, metaverses, and opportunities, that technologies could bring to reality. I use strong female characters to tell the truths of what might and can be. My characters are like you and me; we strive each day to learn, create, imagine, be more significant, and experience more. Our encounters are unlike our counterparts who have it easier, but we can calculate the struggle and do so with conviction and heart. We must be flexible like the cat. When you read my short stories, I hope you encounter the connections that tie these tales together.

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Why did I write Laundrygate?

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About Tery Spataro

When Tery Spataro looks up at the sky, she doesn’t see stars; she sees opportunities. Tery spends most of her time thinking, imagining, and envisioning the forces that bring to life ideas to create a better future.

Tery is a respected digital/tech entrepreneur, strategist, researcher, aShe’sturist. She’s also a creative who authored Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future, The Other Side of the Box, a picture book that offers an imaginative understandSchrodinger’sSchrodinger’s quantum philosophy; Reimaging In-Store Digital Retail Experience, a tech marketing book. And a short story for These Winter Months. In addition, she produced several online creative projects, one of which was the “Creation of Angels,” dedicated to the memory of her brother Tony who died of HIV in 1990. The web play, dChurch (1994-1999) viewed by millions, and Daily Eats, one of the first food blogs.

Tery has an MBA in Marketing from Regis University and BFA from Albertus Magnus College.